At the origin of Aulisua,
a passion and the desire to share the authenticity of the Algerian terroir.

About us

Located in Messerghine (Region of Oran), in a preserved agricultural region, the company Bio Lalla Meriem selects for you the best olives of the region, picked by hand to obtain quality olive oils.



At the origin of Aulisua, men and women passionate about olive growing. “Olive oil comes in different qualities. According to its process of manufacture and handling, olive oil can also decline very variable taste differences from one region to another, from one country to another. “In Algeria, as throughout the Mediterranean region, the cultivation of the olive tree has a long tradition.


Our environmental approach

The Bio Lalla Mariem company, producer of Aulisua® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has developed expertise in the field of by-product recovery. We recycle all vegetable water and pomace. Leaves and branches are either composted or recycled. With our experience, we help other companies in their ecological transition.

Our process of production of olive oil

The HarvestIt is done by hand. The picking is done in the fall when the olives reach maturity. The olives must be completely healthy and therefore without having been damaged by parasites (olive fly) which in the event of attacks with more than 30% of olives will surely produce defective oils and therefore downgraded oils and in the most serious cases, "Lampante" oils. The notion of time is essential in the manufacture of olive oil, in fact it must not be elapse more than 8 hours (even much less when it is very hot) between picking the fruit (olives) and trituration (production of olive oil). Trituration (production of olive oil) by several stages: Stripping This stage allows the olives to be gently separated from all the impurities which could alter the crushing of the olives: leaves, branches and other residues related to the picking of the olives. Washing Olives are washed by rapid soaking in a circulating tank of fresh water. Grinding This is done using different types of grinders depending on the quality and maturity of the olives. Mixing The paste is homogenized to allow the droplets of oil to come together in a film in order to facilitate the future separation of the phases. quality of the olive oil produced. All the polyphenols will thus be preserved in the oil and will give the mark of a very high quality oil (impossible to obtain by traditional means).
Extraction This is done by centrifugation. It makes it possible to separate the oil, the water and the pomace (by-products) thanks to their differences in density. At Aulisua, the extraction is done under vacuum and cold below 27°C. Final centrifugation The oil passes through a vertical axis centrifuge in order to eliminate the last traces of water.
It is then stored in stainless steel tanks.LaboratoryEach production of olive oil is controlled internally by our laboratory. These controls make it possible to accurately classify the quality of the oil produced. Knowing that, for the same quality of olives, the slightest error in the process can lead to the declassification of the olive oil produced. If all the rules (however simple) are not respected, the organic substance of the fruits begins to s oxidize and defective oils will be produced, and therefore downgraded oils and in the most serious cases, Lampante oils will be produced. Bottling In order to preserve all the aromas, the oil is bottled in a controlled atmosphere away from all external pollutants . The bottles are specially designed to keep the olive oil in the best conditions until the final consumer.

Our products

The denomination "virgin olive oil" is attributed according to strict criteria: it is an oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree only and by mechanical processes or other physical processes under thermal conditions which do not alter the 'oil. In addition, the only authorized treatments are: washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration. For our part, we follow the following principle: "The lower the acidity of the oil, the better the quality".
Why ?
Because when the acidity level increases, olive oil presents defects that you can literally “smell”. To obtain a low acidity level, it is a whole know-how. To find out more, you can consult our Manufacturing process and Questions/Answers pages or How to differentiate extra virgin olive oils?

Aulisua Premium

Aulisua Virgin-Extra

Aulisua Virgin

Best way to store olive oil

Several great oils are presented in transparent bottles. At the grocery store, where the bottles are exposed to bright light, it is best to choose products that come in a dark bottle, as the oil oxidizes under the effect of light, air and heat. heat. For this reason, we also avoid leaving them next to the stove or in the strong sun at home.
An oil can be kept for up to 24 months after harvesting and not after opening.

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