Producers make lot of efforts to produce premium olive oil, from the olive tree to the bottling they have to make sure that the processes are respected. In order that their work and olive oil are being recognized they take part at many competitions to win gold medals, To meet customers they go to international fairs to present their work, their history, and their products to buyers. 

And despite all this, It’s very difficult to value their products because thousands of brands are also trying to do the same thing.

Our companies have been trading internationally for over 15 years.We sell agri-food products to restaurants, palaces and international fairs in the entire world

We decided 5 years ago to focus on the sale of premium olive oil from the producer to the consumer whether it is the simple customers, but also to restaurants, palaces, airport stores etc

To achieve this we have invested a lot time and efforts that we summarize here in 9 steps.

Step 1

Created one of the world’s best olive oil competition in the world’s most luxurious place :

Who are the best olive oils in the world ? That's the question that everyone is asking, So we created this competition to find out what the best olive oils are, we gather the best juries in the world so they tests each of the oils that participates and determines who are the best olive oils in the world.

For each winner we created publications and videos to share on their networks

Step 2

Put online 700 presentation pages of the best olive oil brands and bring them together in the same websites.

Presentation Page

Step 3

Opend the Best Olive Oils Stores

We tried to make the premium olive oil store as luxurious as possible, in order to get feedback from customers, find out what interests them most.

And the returns after 1 year are incredible, people are passionate about olive oils, 90 percent of people who enter the shop wants a good quality of olive oil but they don’t know where they can buy it.

With olive oils for daily consumption, customers also want to buy olive oils with a nice packaging to offer the bottle, as it would offer a bottle of wine.

In addition to simple customers, we also had many chefs who wish to have the opportunity to buy olive oils in larger sizes (5 liters)

Many organic stores, have also explained to us that is very difficult to find a good quality of organic oils available for sale all year long.

Step 4

Set up the largest E-commerce website for Premium Olive Oil

Covid showed us that online sales are important, when the stores were shutting down, online sales were increasing.

We will make several million annual connections on our websites.

Thanks to our partnership with DHL we can deliver worldwide in 24 to 72 hours for a very low transport cost.

Step 5

Create the Best Packaging Award

Once we know that we sell the best olive oils in the world, what makes the difference is the packaging. 

The prettier the packaging is the more the value of the bottle increases.

Many customers tell us that they would like to offer a bottle of olive oil as well as a bottle of wine.

Because just like wine, after offering the bottle there is tasting, discovering the taste and smell as well as sharing the story.

Step 6

Developing social networks

Social networks are today the most effective way to make themselves well known to millions of people.

Today’s influencers, are yesterday’s salespeople, with a video, a photo or a publication, it instantly causes an interest to hundreds of thousands of people.

We partner with influencers who have the most interesting communities for our work (healthy food, organic, sport, culinary food)

Through simple publications and videos, we can bring hundreds of thousands of people interested in olive oils to our websites, so that they discover your presentation pages and buy your bottles.

Making Photo Shooting with models in gourmet restaurant multiplies by 5 the number of interaction

Step 7

We are meeting chefs from all over the world

Chefs are the fastest way to market oils in the best restaurants.

We tested the oils of the biggest palace in Dubai and very often the oils were defective.

During our competitions we offer anonymous samples to many chefs, once the results are released we provide them with the names of the winners so that they can order directly from the brands.

Step 8

International fairs



Fancy Food Show, Anuga, Gulfood, Sial, Alimentaria etc... International fairs are very important to make olive oil brands well known and to find new customers.

We will create stands , where will be gathered all the brands that we market, we will group them by country, and we will have translators speaking English, Chinese, German, French, Arabic in order to negotiate and explained directly with the customers who are interested.

Step 9

Open franchise best olive oils stores all over the world

Premium olive oils are very easy to sell to customers

Opening stores in the most beautiful capital is very important for several reasons:

- This allows customers see physically the bottles before purchasing them

- It also allows us to have a storage location to deliver olive oils sold online even faster