camino de anibal


Our Oils have won many awards in a relatively short space of time because they are Extra Virgin oils of great complexity and intensity with well balanced peppery and pungent characteristics. What makes them different is this nuanced complexity and this has been recognised by the tasting panels in the different award countries.




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Location and history

The estate “El Azarque” is located at the last stretch of the river (Rio Mundo) before widening to finish at the Camarillas dam, inside the Hellin district of Albacete. “Azaraque” means “water source”in Arabic, as this area was already being cultivated by the Moors, evidence of channeling demonstrates this

The estate is part of an extensive property belonging to descendants of the Ponce of Leon which, since Medieval times, has cultivated fruit trees and BOMBA rice on the right bank of the Rio Mundo, while cereals were grown on the left bank.

The southern side is flanked by the “Sierra de los Donceles and on the eastern side are the Volcanic mountains of Cancarix.

In the area there are archeological remains in th
e “Cuevas de Minateda”, and the Tolmo of the same name demonstrates that the area has been inhabited for a long time. There are traces of olive growing over many hundreds of years with the remains of an olive mill in the ruins of the “Tolmo de Minateda” (1.500 A.C) which testaments to the existence of olive trees since time immemorial.On the west and north the farm is surrounded by Calderones Montes. Both the Sierra de los Donceles as the latter are covered by a dense pine forest between growing the most varied kinds of herbs: rosemary, thyme, lavender, spelled etc The trees on the bank of river Mundo, poplars, elms and pines and rice paddies give the landscape an extraordinary beauty.


With respect to the soil, the techniques we use avoid disturbing the hummus layer in the rows between the trees, thus avoiding erosion by dragging and winds, giving the land a high content of organic material, to which is added the pruning. We use advanced cultivation techniques, frequently analyzing soil, water and leaves.


Nothing is left to chance in the production of Hannibal´s way oil: harvesting time is of vital importance in order to achieve the best final product. Olives are always harvested just before winter - during the maturation period when the olive turns from green to black – the latest trunk shakers are used exclusively to collect the olives without using sticks in order to protect the crown of the tree. The olives are transported to the oil mill for pressing within an hour of harvest with the aim of obtaining high quality. The few olives which fall on the ground are not used


The olives are cold pressed immediately and at most three hours after the harvest. They are conserved in stainless steel drums in a seasonal storehouse, with the aim of conserving their organoleptic qualities.