Gold Award - Diego Angulo

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Tradition and Quality of Spanish Premium Olive Oil

Spain, with its history-rich landscapes and lush olive grove, is at the heart of olive oil culture. This Premium olive oil is the product of this rich tradition, inherited from generations of dedicated olive farmers who exploit an ideal climate and terroir to cultivate the highest quality olives.

In 2024, this Olive oil was subjected to the scrutiny of the world's most prestigious juries, earning it a score between 80 and 89 out of 100. This score illustrates its excellence and has earned it a gold medal, officially recognizing it as Premium Olive Oil. This distinction highlights its superior quality, making it a favored choice for olive oil enthusiasts.

At Best Olive Oils Store, we are proud to offer this Premium olive oil, which will soon be available in the most beautiful capitals around the world. You can find it in our exclusive boutiques as well as on our website. Each purchase is an invitation to discover Spain's excellence and to enrich your culinary experiences with high-quality olive oil.

To learn more about this exceptional olive oil and to discover how it can transform your meals, continue your visit on This page and dive into a world of authentic and refined flavors.

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Wild, deeply aromatic and with an intense green color.

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“Limited production family reserve”


This premium extra virgin olive, in a 500ml bottle, comes from our family reserve, with limited production.

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“First day of collection”


500ml bottle, numbered and presented in an elegant case, this limited edition contains our premium extra virgin oil obtained on the first day of collection, a collector’s edition ideal as a gift.


Our oil comes from 100% picual variety olives and is made a few hours after the harvest.

Wild, deeply aromatic and of an intense green in colour, with a slight spicy touch. Our early harvest extra virgin oil presents different nuances of plants and fruits that, together with the characteristic flavour of early harvest oil, will conquer your nose and palate; a full-bodied, powerful oil. A small amount will be enough to be noticed.

Due to its qualities, our oil is ideal for dressing salads with fresh vegetables, as it will enhance its flavour while providing that extra touch of creaminess characteristic of a good dressing.


The ancestral family tradition, effort, affection and dedication brought us together with the Angulo Calero brothers in Lahiguera (Jaén) in this new project, where we honour our father, Diego Angulo “Salinero”, with exquisite dedication in the work of taking care of the olive trees.

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We are a family that dedicates all our love and affection to excellence and tradition, taking care of the olive trees on the family farm and the production process at all times, to obtain the gourmet product that finally reaches your hands.

Seeing our father work among olive trees day in and day out has also been for us the purest and most genuine lesson of love for the land and its processes.

From him, we have learned that a delicate planning and preparation are important and essential, but success is always supported by strong discipline.

From the beginning we knew continuing with this endeavor went far beyond knowing how to run a business; it was about getting your hands dirty, about falling in love with those olive trees and those landscapes to establish a deep connection with nature, in honor of our father and the past generations.

Our Philosophy

Our passion, affection and spirit of achievement moves us day after day to get better and pay tribute to the ancestral culture that gave us olive oil in the first place. A gem of gastronomy that has the power to turn a good dish into an exquisite delicacy.

Our values lead us to invest the benefits generated from each harvest in new utensils and work tools, which allow us to progress season after season.


Our vision is to work with the best raw material in a completely traditional way, with the aim of achieving an excellent product that tastes of origin, tradition and authenticity.


Diego Angulo “Salinero” oils symbolize the love for good food, for excellence at work, and for the purest nature, land and flavour.


This constant search for authenticity and naturalness leads us to produce in a limited way, in order to take care of the elaboration of each product as it deserves and consequently achieve a sublime quality in each of our oils.