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Producer Story 

The Company of Les Oliveraies De Jugurtha produces & markets under the DOMINIUM brand, a high Quality extra-Virgin Organic Olive Oil, which comes from the Chetoui Cultivar grown at 800 m altitude in the mountainous region of Sakiet- El Kef in northwestern Tunisia.

The creation of “Les Oliveraies De Jugurtha” , the parent company operating the DOMINIUM Olive oil Brand, obeys a strong and sincere desire of its promoters, two foreign educated brothers, to highlight the rich potential of the remote and mountainous area located in the extreme Northwest of Tunisia from which their family originally come from.
 This region, located in Le Kef Governorate, and characterized by a rich historical and cultural legacy dating back to the Numidian , Cathaginian and Roman eras, is also one of the flagship sites in Tunisia, in terms of quality organic olive oil production

Through this project, the company's promoters intend to tie the local economic fabric consisting mainly of smallholder farmers with a cereal, arboreal and pastoral vocation to the international value chain of olive oil and to give them all the benefits of a premium quality product designed to the best international standards and with access to international consumers and markets.

In addition to the family olive groves operated by the two brothers, the company's olive oil production also comes from a network of small partner farmers for whom the Dominium project offers free technical assistance in obtaining the organic label for their plots, free technical assistance in adopting organic farming techniques, a guaranteed premium price for their production according to fair trade principles. 

Brand Description

Our DOMINIUM Organic Extra Premium Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from mountain olives, grown in the traditional way and hand-picked in early autumn, to capture all the finesse and fruitiness of Chetoui.

It is a very special olive oil resulting from a unique blend of a high-altitude continental microclimate of Mediterranean type, and qualities of the famous local cultivar of Chetoui.

With an average level of antioxidant polyphenol of more than 750 mg/kg Dominium Premium EVOO is one of the most polyphenol-rich oils in the world.

The high quality of our Olive oil, nationally recognized, began in 2020 at the international level to break through and appear in a new light, through numerous awards and gold medals received from our first participation in the prestigious competitions in New York (NYIOOC), London (LIOOC), Tokyo (Olive Japan) and Sydney (Australia).

100% Organic Chetoui Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

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