For this first Edition, Dubai Olive Oil Competition brought together 287 Producers from 17 countries.

Because of the Covid, confinements, border closures and delivery problems, it was not easy to prepare for the competition,

This notably prevented us from being able to communicate on the juries and the places where the competition will take place.

Despite everything, we managed to organize this competition. It is also the only event to take place in 2020 with juries physically present since the start of this pandemic.

The oils have been judged by several International Jury:

Ms. Emmanuelle Dechelette (France)

Ms Fabienne Codaccioni Roux (France)

Mr Kostas Liris (Greece)

Mr Maher Ben Ismail (Tunisia)

Ms. Imene Trabelsi (Tunisia)

Mr Jose Ventura (Portugal)

Ms. Ikram Ben Cheikh (Portugal)

The bottles and the oils were also presented to many people in Dubai.

Gourmet Restaurant chefs, Palace managers and distributors,

Dubai Olive Oil Competition is not only about rewarding the best olive oils, Its main objective is to present the best marketable olive oils.

We have set up 2 very distinct sales channels which are online sales, store sales and point of sale.

We are currently in the process of opening 5 stores. We are also in the process of setting up displays which will be placed in specialized stores such as delicatessen, but also in Hotels and palaces mainly in the United Arab Emirates.

From 2021 we will open the concept to franchises. Our objective over 5 years is to be present on the 5 continents with a physical network of 1,000 points of sale.

Regarding the E-commerce part, we have more than 70 websites that we have been developing for nearly 3 years.

To help you see more clearly, here is a presentation of our activities.

The stores are called Best Olive Oils Store, the website linked to the physical stores and point of sale will be

There will be 2 competitions per year in Dubai, one in June and one in January for the early harvest on the site / will present all the organic olive oils in the world. and will present the best Spanish olive oils. and will present the best Italian olive oils. and will present the best Portuguese olive oils. and will present the best Greek olive oils.

So on for Tunisia, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Turkey, Croatia, Algeria, France, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Slovenia, l South Africa, Uruguay, and the United States. will connect producers and consumers who wish to train. will be in charge of developing oleo tourism. will be there to help you promote your olive oil according to the target countries, you can in particular create labels, make videos, create your website, translate your documentation, carry out business plan, entrusted to us the management of your social networks, natural referencing on search engines, etc.

For 3 years, we have been making the link companies wishing to sell and buy olive oils in bulk, but also the connection between producers and customers who wish to make the private label.

All this work ultimately has a single goal, that of simplifying the relations between producers and consumers.

This complicated period shows us how important online selling is, one that does not exist on the internet simply does not exist.

Consumers who want quality no longer have the time to go shopping in a supermarket. They want access to everything and immediately. will therefore be in charge of presenting the best olive oils in the world directly to consumers, you can freely set your selling price in order to have the greatest possible added value. Instead of selling 1 million bottles to a customer, we will sell 1 bottle to 1 million customers.

We have produced displays that we will place in palaces, hotels, specialty stores, delicatessens, etc.

We are also in the process of making "olive oil cards" in 100ml and 250ml only that we will supply to many gourmet restaurants so that customers can season their dishes with the oil of their choice just as it accompanies their dishes with the wines of their choice.

If you are producing a good quality olive oil, which you have already won international competitions, then register on

The winners by medals will be unveiled as of today on our websites, as well as on all our social networks