Olive Oil from our family roots

We are Elli & Myron from Agia Varvara, Iraklion - Crete.
Our area is the centre of island and has a long tradition in the production of the extra virgin olive oil.
When you cultivate olive trees in Crete, you do not have to try too much to achieve excellent olive oil quality!

The olive cultivation on our island has a history of over 4000 years, which means that the olive tree has adapted to the climatic conditions and operates almost independently.
However, after the harvest we definitely have a strict protocol that we follow strictly like the grinding of the olives within 8 hours, very low melting temperature, stainless tanks and the storage temperature strictly from 12ºC to 15ºC.

Production process

Eliama Daily Value is a premium olive oil. For the production process, we collect olives from the most valued species of the olive trees of the Koroneiki variety grown in Crete near to Agia Varvara. We use techniques and processes based on the principles of ecologically sustainable agriculture. All olives are collected manually for production process, that’s why our annual production of the olive oil of premium class is about 18,000 liters. We extract 1 liter of oil from 8 kg of medium - early harvest olives. Eliama Premium is cold extracted within no more than 6 hours from harvesting the fruit. We collect olives which don’t exceed 1 gram in a specially certified containers. After extraction, the olive oil is stored in a temperature of 12-15 degrees Celsius in a stainless steel tanks additionally filled with nitrogen in order to prevent the oxidation. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and commitment we put into the production process, our main valor’s are outstanding quality, likewise sensory and health values. We offer a product tested for over 150 substances in terms of purity from pesticides, herbicides, and plasticizers, which is confirmed by annual certificates issued by Multichrom.LAB - an expert in the field of quality control and sensory evaluation of the olive oil

Excellent Premium olive oil, which achieved the gold medal at the London International Olive Oil Quality Competition 2017 and 2018. This year it won a silver medal defeating over 150 manufacturers of extra virgin olive oil from all over the world. Eliama EVOO is the exquisite legacy of Greece combining unforgettable flavor and irreplaceable health benefits. It gifts the dishes with multilayered culinary sensations. The highest quality achieved by uncompromising approach and respect for the gifts of Nature


We cultivate our land in accordance with the right crop methods that exclude the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides, etc. We at Ellis-Farm have understood that the only way to show gratitude to our land is to respect the ecological balance by letting the nature work with its own rules.


Harvesting occurs when the fruit is in the upper stage of bringing natural flavors and hygienic ingredients together (polyphenols, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, oleocanth, etc.).This happens in November, when the fruit is nearly unripe. When the fruit matures, it produces more olive oil but it has lost a great deal of the perfume and hygienic ingredients that we ask for.


The standardization is made in a special colored glass bottle which is the most suitable material for the packaging of olive oil and for the protection from light that alters the oil.


Completely natural

 ELIAMA is one of the best Greek olive oil straight from our family production at your table.


A rare combination of the three basic features of an excellent EVOO means a perfect harmony between the bitter, fruity and spicy.


The simplicity of an EVOO that when it is added raw to salads and vegetables it spills the sensations over with rare scents of fruits and herbs.

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