The steps, the rides and the laughter of the children mix with the noise of nature, the earth that breathes and the woods that pop in the hot summers. The games of the past find their space among the olive trees, where the perfumes of centuries nestle between the knots of the stems to lean on for the count. The cozy branches become dens for the hiding places of the most daring, the shimmering leaves the play of light and shadow under which to lie down. The Filippi Oil Mill is born where olive trees tell past stories, a relationship with m an made of affection and harmony, of a nature that evolves without losing itself. The land of Giano dell’Umbria is our bonfire of memories, from which to draw knowledge, traditions and emotions, reworking them in a distillate of taste and passion that conquers the contemporary palate.


Every drop of oil from Frantoio Filippi concentratestaste experiences of those games, of thosesounds, of the work among the fields and of the laughter of lives in contactwith the earth. From those secular olive trees that rise to monuments of the green, an oil with extremely fruity notes is born. Its golden color tells the value of that culture of sincere exchange with nature. Sincere as thetaste of the oil poured on toast, refined as the preparationsof the best Italian chefs. Philippine oil crusher ofl ove, for food, and for you.


The Filippi family lives in this uncontaminated territory for more than four generations: simple men and women, linked to the work of the earth. Precisely from it we get the products with which we want to transmit the passion for a tiring job made of expectations, cures, joys and hopes. It is not well known when all this began; my great-grandfather Giacomo and his wife Antonia devoted themselves to olive growing and viticulture after having inherited a large plot of land. In difficult historical times such as those in which they found themselves, learning to live with the laws of nature, respecting it and taking care of it until it was harvested, had become the only way to raise the family’s economy. Their three children, Francesco, Mariano and Linda, live and grow in this context, they breathe and feel that relationship with the nature cultivated by their parents, a love that drives them to carry out their project.

“My grandfather Francesco, nicknamed the “Manso”, a dialectal appellation that means “good”, lets himself be guided by the attachment he feels for his land and cultivates his olive trees with difficulty and tenacity.

My first memories as a child bring me back tohim, when he involved us little ones in the collection of olives, and it is precisely in those moments so far, but also so close, I understand the importance of some gestures that, although simple, were loaded of passion and love for what you do.

Today, grandfather Francesco is gone: things have changed, or rather, have evolved. The technologies help to make olive work less heavy and more accurate, reaching a high quality product.

And this convinces me of the fact that, if he was still here today, he would be happy to see his passion for the immortal olive trees transform into something new, like the Philippi Oil Mill.”


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The Filippi oil mill is equipped with the latest generation continuous cycle plant by Alfa Laval, operating in two and a half phases, with temperature control throughout the supply chain and consequent