At an altitude of between 300 and 600 meters, the olive groves produce olives capable of creating an extremely fruity oil of very high quality (It falls under the DOP production specifications.). In the Filippi olive grove, you can find all the heritage of centuries: old olive trees that have become vegetal monuments, that have resisted time and have created a very strong historical-cultural link between man and the surrounding territory. And it is precisely in this natural setting that the Filippi family has created an avant-garde oil mill, linked to the deepest traditions of Umbria, but also to the most modern technologies, capable of improving the quality level of the oil produced thanks to a meticulous and scrupulous production process.


Every drop of oil produced by Frantoio Filippiconveys an experimental taste  experience that speaks of those games, those sounds, the work in the fields and the laughter of lives in contact with the earth. From those centuries-old olive trees, which stand as monuments of the green, an oil with fruity notes is born: its golden color tells the value of that culture of sincere exchange with nature. As sincere as the taste of oil poured on toast, and as refined as the preparations of the best Italian chefs.
Frantoio Filippi oil speaks of love, for food and for you.

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The Filippi oil mill is equipped with the latest generation continuous cycle plant by Alfa Laval, operating in two and a half phases, with temperature control throughout the supply chain and consequent

Frantoio Filippi
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