5 years ago, when a consumer go on google, to search for the best olive oils in the world.
He found olive oils sold by Carrefour and Amazon, because nobody at the time had referenced olive oils on the internet.

To find the olive oils, there was only one way, to go to the international fairs, to meet 1 by 1 the brands, and to have each time the same information.

- No stock available in the countries where there are consumers (USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, France, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada etc.).
- Minimum purchase quantity of 1 container
- Extremely long time between order and reception

This system has led importers to systematically look for the cheapest olive oils to resell them with the most added value.

-The producers make great efforts to respect the quality process from the olive tree to the final bottle so that in the end, most of the margin is made by the importer, who will replace you as soon as he finds a cheaper olive oil.

Thanks to the Internet, this sales system is now a thing of the past, the biggest economic powers in the world are the Internet giants, who have eliminated these intermediaries to create a direct relationship between producers and consumers.

In 5 years, we have succeeded in bringing together the best brands in the world in one place for consumers.

Whether on the internet, on the website , in the largest international fairs, and finally in stores and outlets.

In 5 Editions of Dubai Olive Oils Competition, more than 1200 brands have participated, for nearly 700 winners. And we will now focus on selling the 150 best brands to market them worldwide.

Whether it's in transportation, storage, marketing, sales, and customer service, we provide support in all stages.

In February 2023, at the famous Gulfood International Fair in Dubai, we will organize our first Best Olive Oil Store stand, where we will bring together the 100 best olive oil brands in the world, grouped by country.

We will start selling these 100 brands in Dubai in January. We will also start marketing and promoting these brands in December 2022.

For the first time, buyers will have access to the best olive oils from each country, they can order 1 bottle, 1 carton, 1 pallet or 1 container if they want and without any delay.

Translators in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Greek and Pakistani will be on the stand during the fair to advise customers.

Each producer will invest 2000 € so that we can create this stand worth more than 200 000 €. We will invest 100 000 € of marketing to promote and cover this event.

In the gulfood there are many pavilions, we have chosen to position ourselves in the Gulfood + pavilion, it is a new pavilion reserved for the top brand, right next to the "top table" where the greatest starred chefs will meet.

During this fair, we will present our olive oils to many chefs, restaurants, stores, retailers, etc.

But there will also be many buyers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi etc. who are interested in quality olive oils, sold by container.

Among all the winners of Dubai Olive Oils Competition, we believe that Goya Brand, is among the most suitable brands for these markets, because you have your own bottle, different tastes, and the ability to ensure quantity and quality throughout the year.

That's why we propose you on our stand, to have a privileged space.
You will have the possibility to have a reserved furniture for your products as well as a place where you can make your appointments in exclusivity, you will have the possibility to send 2 of your employees to represent your brand and who will have access to the stand throughout the fair, we will also provide you with a translator (English / Arabic / Spanish) so that it is for you a sedentary salesman in Dubai if you wish it on the long term. 

You will of course have a special marketing adapted to your objectives and expectations.

This offer includes:

The creation of a special piece of furniture for the Goya Brands

A Goya reservation space to ensure your appointments on the Best Olive Oils Store booth

Unlimited access for 2 of your employees during the entire fair

Recruitment and provision of a translator (English / Arabic / Spanish) for the duration of the fair, with the possibility of making him/her an exclusive Goya UAE salesperson afterwards.

Marketing support, before, during and after the fair as well as numerous promotional videos.

The transport of your bottles between France and Dubai, as well as the storage of your bottles in Dubai for the sale to chefs and starred restaurants.

Goya Gulfood 2023

The fair will take place in a little more than 2 months, so there is not much time left to set up everything.

We have made this proposal to you because we are sure that your brand is of interest to many customers in the Emirates.

We look forward to hearing from you and are available if you have any questions.