As you know, international fairs are the best way to meet professionals, whether they are chefs, distributors, or resellers, they allow with a minimum of investment to have access to a maximum of prospects in a very short time.

Unfortunately, this reality for olive oil does not apply. 

In most of the big fairs (Anuga Germany, Fancy Food show USA, Gulf Food Dubai, Sial Paris, Alimentaria Spain, etc.) you will find the presence of at least 200 olive oil producers from all over the world, mainly grouped by country, on an identical stand with a very small surface.

Regardless of the quality of the oil, each producer will say that he has the best oil and yet will be ready to sell it as cheaply as possible.

In reality 99% of the producers do not have any bottles in stock in the country at the time of the fair, and the minimum purchase quantities do not allow potential buyers to test the brands by buying for example only one carton to start with.

The fairs attract a lot of people who go around the stands just to get free samples.

Not to mention the problems of understanding and translation.

In order to simplify the meetings between producers and buyers, we decided to group the best olive oils of the world in the same stand, to bring translators, English, French, Arabic, German, Japanese etc. so that they can answer all the questions of the buyers in their mother tongue.

A minimum stock of olive oil will be sent before each fair so that the buyers can buy for example a box or an assortment of each olive oil they want.

Before each fair, hundreds of invitations will be sent to the chefs, distributors and importers of each country where the events are held in order to set up meetings in advance and organize the fairs in the best possible way.

Thanks to Dubai Olive Oil Competition we have referenced more than 700 Winners of one or more gold medals, we will now focus on the 100 or 150 most serious producers.

In 2023 we will organize a stand for 2 international fairs, The Gulf Food in Dubai which will be held in February 2023 and the Summer Fancy Food show, which will be held in New York in June 2023.

In 2023 we will also open the first Best Olive Oils stores in Dubai and New York.

The olive oils will be grouped in the booths by country exactly as in the stores. As a producer, you will have the opportunity to set up meetings in the booth, as well as in the meeting rooms that we will make available to you before, during and after the fair.

We will also take advantage of this event in Dubai to organize the Awards ceremony for all the editions that could not be organized because of the covid.

When a producer wants to exhibit in a fair, the cost for the stand, travel etc. is minimum 20 000 euros, In order to have the most efficient stand possible, we decided to have 100 producers participate for a participation of 2000 € per producer, which represents a budget of 200 000 €, we will add on our side an amount of 100 000 euros in marketing, promotion and organization, in order to have the best stand possible with a total budget of 300 000 €.

If you want to represent your brand with the best olive oils in the world, just validate your registration here.

In order to balance the participations and to avoid that 90 percent of the 100 brands are Spanish or Italian, we have set a maximum number of participants per country. Once this number is reached, it will not be possible to register.

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If you want to register, but do not have the possibility to pay immediately, you can reserve your place for an amount of 100 euros for 30 days, if after 30 days you still have not finalized your reservation, then the 100 euros will be refunded and your place will be assigned to another producer.

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Gulfood And Fancy Food Show

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