The Best Olive Oils from Around the World Gathered at the Same Stand During the Biggest International Fairs

The Importance of International Fairs

International fairs are excellent opportunities for olive oil producers to get noticed. Indeed, they gather a large number of sellers and buyers in one place in a very short amount of time. It's an efficient and commendable way for those looking to export their products abroad, as they allow for saving time and money.

The Challenges Faced by Producers

Unfortunately, many producers fail to make the most of these fairs due to their lack of organization. Buyers, having limited time, often focus on the larger stands, which are usually better positioned and more visible. Moreover, simply being present at a fair is not enough.

Effective marketing promotion before, during, and after the event is crucial to attract buyers' attention. It is also essential to have salespeople who can speak multiple languages, given the international diversity of participants.

Next, it is vital to understand that 95% of potential sales will probably not be closed if the producer does not have stock or representation in the buyer's country.

Buyers looking for quality want the product available on-site. Those willing to wait several months to purchase one or more containers usually do so at the lowest possible price.

Therefore, without a proper storage and distribution system, many producers waste time and energy explaining their work to individuals who are only looking for free samples.

The Solution from Best Olive Oils Store

At Best Olive Oils Store, we have the solution to these challenges. We gather the world's best olive oil brands in one place.

We take care of everything: the creation of the stand, the delivery of samples, the setup of samples, documentation, and translation. Producers can then focus on their promotion through videos we make before, during, and after the event.

Buyers will have access to the best olive oils from each country, and they can order 1 bottle, 1 carton, 1 pallet, or 1 drum if they wish, and without delay.

Translators in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and Greek will be on the stand during the fair to advise customers.

In terms of costs, our solution is very advantageous. By grouping several producers at the same stand, we divide participation costs by 100. This allows producers to access a multinational quality stand while investing a very reasonable amount of money."

Our international fairs are chosen based on the countries and capitals where the demand for quality olive oil is the strongest. It is in these same places that we have decided to open our shops.

Each participation in an international fair that we have chosen is immediately followed by the introduction of your products into our new shops. These shops open specifically in the same country or capital where the fair takes place, thus ensuring a direct continuation of your presence on the high-end market, beyond the duration of the fair.

The choice of countries and capitals for our fairs and shops is not random. It is the result of a precise analysis of markets where the demand for quality olive oil is strong and supply is limited. This approach gives you the opportunity to capture a significant market share, where the added value for your products is optimized. Our strategy aims to maximize the benefit for you, the producers.

Below are the logos of the international agri-food fairs we have selected. Your role is simply to choose the fair or fairs you wish to participate in. Whether you opt for a single fair or all of them, we take care of everything else to ensure effective presence. You select, and we put everything into action.

- By joining the Best Olive Oils Store Booth, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- Display of your olive oils at our booth, attracting the attention of buyers and industry professionals.

- Promotion of your brand and products through our communication before and during the event.

- Networking opportunities with potential distributors and partners.

- Creation of promotional videos by the Best Olive Oils Store to highlight your brands and products.

- Exclusive access to our Best Olive Oils Store locations.

- Only brands present at the booth will be eligible to join our distribution network.

- The possibility to come and present your brand at the stand.

- Representation of up to 5 different brands or bottles (each bottle in different capacity is considered as one brand).

- A video interview of you and the possibility to take as many pictures as you want.

- We will, of course, make many videos to promote your brand before, during, and after the fair.

- Access to online sales and priority shops.


07-09 NOV 2023

3 Days

980 €


Decembre 2023

3 Days

1 180 €


19 février 2024

5 Days

2 380 €


9 MARS 2024

3 Days

980 €


12 MARS 2024

4 Days

980 €


25 MARS 2024

3 Days

1 180 €


14 AVRIL 2024

4 Days

980 €


23 JUIN 2024

3 Days

2 390 €


19 OCTOBRE 2024

5 Days

1 180 €

If you have questions not answered by our website, or if you wish to participate in several fairs and pay in installments, please fill out this form. We will get back to you very quickly.