La Bandiera

La Bandiera - What makes it so delicious?

Dipping into La Bandiera extra virgin olive oil is one of life’s great pleasures. The golden colour of the oil is reminiscent of Tuscany and the summer light. The flavour is fruity, well rounded and robust and the oil is full of rich polyphenols providing powerful antioxidants.

Bolgheri enjoys a unique micro climate thanks to its sublime setting. The area benefits from the sun setting over the sea providing more hours of lingering warmth for the rich and fertile soil. The hills protect the vegetation from the winter winds and these elements combine to provide the perfect environment for the olive groves which are harvested each year to produce the estate’s award winning, organic, extra virgin olive oil.

The olives are harvested from the moraiolo, leccino and frantoio trees when they are just beginning to ripen in October in order to capture and preserve the characteristics so typical of olive oil from the region of Bolgheri – full-bodied with fruity and spicy aromas. At La Bandiera we create our own in-house blend to make sure that the oil is perfectly balanced to suit the palates of our discerning clientele.

Our Oil

Despite the challenges during the past two years, we had a wonderful harvest in 2022 and now have a good quantity of excellent olive oil in stock. The taste is delicious and the acidity levels extremely low reflecting the high quality of the oil.

La Bandiera EVOO performed very well during award season last year. We won a gold medal in the New York International Olive Oil Competition competing against 1159 olive oils from 29 countries. The judges at the 2021 Great Taste Awards thoroughly enjoyed La Bandiera’s EVOO which was awarded a gold star and the following feedback:

“A really rich oil that balances fresh green, grassy notes, buttery lusciousness, and a peppery bite. A very well-made oil that would be hugely versatile in the kitchen and enhance any dish. Delicious!”

A Tuscan Retreat

La Bandiera sits on the Tuscan landscape of vines and olive groves in the foothills of the Maremma. Until recently, the land had been in the previous owner’s family for over one thousand years. As well as the abundant olive groves, the property comprises one of the most elegant gardens on the Tuscan coast. The garden was designed by one of Europe’s leading landscape architects and great gardeners, Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd – three times gold medal winner of the Chelsea Flower Show. Shaded pergolas, walkways and arbours within formal terraces afford spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and sparkling Mediterranean sea. Over 400 varieties of plants, shrubs and trees combine to create exquisitely graceful surroundings.

Olive Groves and Cypress Trees

Walking around the garden and grounds of La Bandiera is pure joy. From wandering through the fruit orchards in the olive groves, enjoying the shade of the pine trees in the parkland, the perfume of the lavender fields, the unique iris garden, the cutting garden where flowers are gathered for the villa, the abundant vegetable garden or visiting the nursery where over 1500 cypress trees have been planted, visitors to La Bandiera can enjoy this beauty at their leisure. The garden was designed to last, to be as beautiful in its maturity as its youth.