Masmana Olive Oils is a family business. We take our brand name from Masmana, which means "the place where soap and olive oil are produced" in the Kilis region. Is it possible to forget the smell of olives coming from these places where we went to squeezing olives with our father in our childhood?

We are fourth generation farmers with nomadic family origins in Kilis. We produce our own olive oils in our gardens in Kilis. We work on 100% organic and natural extra virgin olive oils. Our mission is to be the leading olive oil producer in Kilis, to produce high quality organic and natural extra virgin olive oil that is fresh, healthy and enhances the flavors of your tables, and to work diligently for this.

Our olive oil story begins four generations ago. Judging from the 4,000-year-old olive pits found in Kilis, I think it would not be wrong to say that this story goes back before. The two most important livelihoods of Kilis are olive growing and viticulture. For this reason, the paths of everyone who grew up in Kilis crossed with olives.

The crossing of our paths with olive dates back to our first childhood. Our great-grandfathers Hüseyin (1867 -1931) and Ahmet (1886-1929) are important growers on viticulture and olive cultivation, which are the most important livelihoods of Kilis. Our grandfathers Ali (1910-1992) and Ahmet (1913-1981), who took over the flag from them, continue production with the same sensitivity.

Although viticulture has come to the fore in Kilis over time, our grandfathers never give up on olive cultivation. Like our grandfathers, our fathers, Neşet (1940- 2020) and Duran (1938-2019), always gave priority to olives and worked day and night for the development of olive cultivation. We are grateful to all of them for leaving us such a valuable legacy.

Everyone has different stories under the green leaves of this sacred tree, whose shade we grew up in, resisting all four seasons. The story of Masmana is one of them. We set out to contribute to this story, which was started to be written by our grandfathers. Those who come after us will continue to complete the rest. Although the heroes of your stories change, the olive tree is the one that always remains.

As members of families producing olives; Growing up in olive groves in a geography where olive oil is used in daily life from nutrition to health and even childcare forms the basis of our love for this sacred tree.

In the shade of our olive trees, which we love to grow, we, as Masmana, continue to work to leave small traces in life. Thank God for this tree, which has been our source of health, peace and livelihood for 4 generations, which is old but delays aging in people, and for the gift of it to us.

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Why Masmana?

High Phenolic Olive Oils are those Olive Oils that contain a high percentage of phenolic compounds, called polyphenols which are directly related to the health benefits of olive oil.

MASMANA High Phenolic Olive Oil, Naturally Contributes To;
- Regulation of Cholesterol & Blood Pressure
 - Strengthening of the Immune System
- Protection against Cardiovascular Diseases
- Improvement of Allergy Symptoms
- Control of Blood Sugar Levels
 - Sensitive Digestive Tract Protection
 - Reduction & Treatment of Inflammation
 - Protection of the Neural System


Grown, blended and harvested exclusively from a single family-owned estate in Kilis province of Turkey from Kilis Yaglik olive cultivars. These organic olives produce the highest quality and flavorful olive oils for consistency and quality bottle to bottle.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a well-balanced, intense and fruity extra virgin olive oil with hints of freshly cut grass, fresh olive leaves and a bright peppery finish.


Sourced exclusively produced with sustainable respect for the environment. Masmana High Polyphenol Olive Oil has no preservatives, artificial ingredients, additives, chemicals, and pesticides. Never sprayed with glycophosphate.


Having a low acid level is one of the primary properties of a good olive oil. For natural extra virgin olive oils, the acid level can be 0.8% at most. The acid level of all our olive oils is between 0.2% - 0.3%"