Each NICHEN’oils has its aroma and profil characterizing its personality. NICHEN struggled to give a life to this golden juice from the best olive fruits keeping always in mind their customer’s health and how to satisfy all their tastes. That’s why NICHEN offers you



Extra virgin olive oil NICHEN presents the most high level of elegance, complexity and persistence.
 Nothing strange if we consider its origin in a privileged centenary olivars Domaine El Bey in an authentic paradise for olive culture exposed to the sun and the coastal winds of the Mediterranean.
It is important to highlight the meticulous hand picking of olive fruits, immediately treated and stored in a controlled atmosphere.

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Our expertise It is a combination of inherited know how and new technologies adopting a reasoned behavior that respects the environment. Our olives are picked at the optimum stage of maturation and transported directly to our ISO 22000 and ECOCERT certified oil mill while respecting transport conditions and crushing times to guarantee the best oil quality in NICHEN products. Our NICHEN products are prepared in our BRC Food, IFS and ECOCERT certified packaging unit. So we have the integration of the whole value chain.

We also have:
- Highly qualified human capital - A traceability system
- Efficient storage equipment that respects the optimal conditions of preservation and the stability of olive oil
 - An analytical laboratory at the cutting edge of technology

The physicochemical analysis entity of the company SOTAM, is dedicated to the control of the quality of olive oil, by means of standard physicochemical and organoleptic analyzes, carried out in accordance with the directives of the International Olive Council IOC. It has the human and logistical resources necessary to rigorously conduct the purity and quality analyzes ensured by the appropriate equipment (gas chromatograph equipped with a mass detector, liquid chromatograph, UV / Visible spectrophotometers).

- An internal tasting panel some members of which are trained in tasting virgin olive oil at the University of Jaèn (Spain) in collaboration with the Oléicol International Council and international experts. The Head of the panel regularly subjects the members of the panel to the various tests prescribed by the IOC.


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Each NICHEN olive oil has its own personality, its unique taste and colour that characterize it. And each oil profile is dedicated to a type of customer. That’s why NICHEN created a traceability system of oil production 100% Tunisian in order to make our customer informed about the origin of the oil contained in the bottle.

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