Olio Mazzone

Cultivating purpose-made " coratina '' olives
 to the production of quality extra virgin olive oil

Ours is a small artisan oil mill that in addition to pressing its own olives, transforms olives from trusted local producers. The Mazzone family has been preserving and perpetuating the art of producing extra virgin olive oil for four generations. Always committed to providing milling services to small olive producers, we work with passion in the name of transparency, fairness and professionalism, because the era of cortina does not lie. All the sincerity of extra virgin olive oil is in its goodness and in its taste, our children know well, they are the most important and most demanding consumers.

We collect the olives with our hands and we squeeze them in the ancient stone mill. Tommaso Mazzone built the first oil mill in the early thirties, challenging those who told him that no luck is made with the earth and olives. Who was really right, time will tell. What is certain is that the story of an oil that is now also sold in Florida in our store in Sarasota was born from that stubborn ancestor.. But many things have remained exactly as they were originally. Starting with the oath to protect our agricultural landscape, the peasant culture of our Ruvo and our olive trees of strategic importance for our diet. We continue to pick the olives with our hands and to cold press them in the ancient stone mill. To travel in the direction of Italian extra virginity without compromise. And of course to be what we have always been, producers before traders.

All-Italian Mazzone extra virgin olive oil
Because not all extra virgin oils are the same
If you think all oils taste the same, think again. By tasting the extra virgin olive oil produced by the Mazzone mill you will understand the gap that exists between a common extra virgin and a quality extra virgin. All the health virtues attributed to EVO are directly linked to its quality

 Many do not know that to be able to say that an olive oil is extra virgin it is enough that the total acidity, expressed as a percentage by weight of the oleic acid, does not exceed 0.8% (plus compliance with other parameters). Our oil has an acidity that varies between 0.2% and 0.3%.
 Intense aroma
The symbol of our regional oil production is the Coratina cultivar, which gives our oil a very intense and bitter aroma that “scratches the throat”.
 High polyphenol content
The very intense aroma of our oil is given by the high content of polyphenols , which make it a sort of natural antioxidant .

Coratina extra virgin olive oil is an excellence of Puglia to bring to the world This belief pushes us to maintain the highest standards from the arrival of the olives to the storage of the extra virgin olive oil produced. Our commitment in our oil mill is to make the most of the Coratina olive that characterizes our crops. By itself the quality of Coratina, as a raw material, does not produce an extra virgin of excellence, for this reason it is essential to guarantee low temperatures during all stages of production, the right processing times, and less oxygen. All this is achieved with years of experience, technology, passion, and above all, respect for the consumer.

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