Olio Peddio

The Peddio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of a long and careful work of the Peddio Agricultural Company , which boasts a long tradition in the extra virgin olive oil production sector.

 The Peddio Company , whose name derives from the locality where the land cultivated with olive groves are located, personally carries out all the phases of the production and transformation of this extra virgin olive oil. The different stages of ripening of the olives, the Cultivar Bosana , are followed in their organically grown lands, followed by the harvest with the most modern equipment available to the company.

Within a few hours, the olives are pressed in the company oil mill to guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Company history:

The name of the Peddio farm derives from the locality where one of the company's historic olive groves is located. It was founded in the first half of the 1900s by the founder Giovanni Cocco who, together with his brothers in the owned olive groves and in those were entrusted to him, the production of oil began, distributing it in the capital of Cagliari. Years pass and the olive-growing tradition is inherited by his son Bastiano, who begins a journey of great renewal with a single goal: to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil. In fact, he was the first in all of Montiferru to innovate the olive harvesting system bringing the first mechanical shaker to Cuglieri and also to revolutionize the traditional oil extraction systems, in fact he replaced the old stone mill with the first oil mill in continuous cycle, also called modern.

Today the Peddio company is constantly evolving: it invests every day in new markets and machinery, boasts a vast range of products: Organic and Dop Sardinia oil, pickled olives, olive cream, salted tomatoes and also a new cosmetic line based on extra virgin olive oil.

The Olive Groves:

In Montiferru , where olive growing plays a niche role, the Peddio farm extends over various estates where it monitors the different stages of ripening of the olives. The hilly Peddio estate in which the planted variety is the traditional one, which has always been present in the area, the Bosana Cultivar. The Lentiri manor estate in which you can admire a precious planting of new generation, pluricultivar, Bosana and Semidana olive trees. The Il Giglio and Fanne Arca estates : innovative and specialized pluricultivar, Bosana, Semidana and Frantoio olive groves.