The land

The Venti Filari estate is located in Bisceglie, in the Lama di Macina area, in an area dedicated to table grapes, much sought after by grape growers and traders for the texture and chemical composition of the soil, which can guarantee early ripening and product quality. At 30 metres above sea level, the calcareous soil in this area is capable of giving any crop deep, compact colors, intense and varied aromas and low acidity. In this pleasant land we cultivate our olive groves, from whose fruit, rigorously harvested by hand, we obtain a very fine extra virgin olive oil of excellence: the 20 Filari.

Our Gran Cru

This extra virgin olive oil takes its name from its original olive grove, cultivated in "rows". The young olive trees from which we obtain this Gran Cru, enjoy both the particularly favorable microclimate of the area situated 30 metres above sea level and the benefits of the soil in which they are planted, tufaceous with the presence of clay and rich in limestone and other minerals.

This new oil is born here, recognizable by its scents of mown lawn, fresh tomato and artichoke. On the palate it has a medium bitter and spicy taste, with hints of green tomato, artichoke and fresh almond.

This extra virgin oil is particularly rich in polyphenols, which give the oil stability, nutritional and health qualities as well as sensory characteristics.