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A pure extra virgin olive oil, born from centuries-old olive groves enclosed by historic dry stone walls built with great skill by grandfather Pio Palmerini, located around the medieval walls of Sermoneta (LT), a town overlooking the Agro Pontino, one of the most renowned that offers the optimal soil and climatic conditions that make it unique.

Our cultivar is Itrana, which stands out for its elegant, balanced taste with hints of green tomato and freshly cut balsamic and wild herbs, delicate, spicy and bitter, full of harmonious flavors.


Product Information

From the cold extraction of olives from our ancient plants of Itrana, we can now taste the Primo monovarietal extra virgin oil marketed by the "Palmerini1931" family, with the desire to maintain respect for grandfather's values.
Chemical analysis:

Acidity 0.18% (Maximum limit 0.80%) Acidity, a fundamental parameter for defining the quality of the oil, must be recognized below 0.5% to affirm a high quality. From 0.3% down we are in the field of excellence. This analysis expresses the percentage of free fatty acids present in the product. They derive from reactions triggered by lipolytic enzymes, during the ripening of the fruit or due to poor conservation.

No. of peroxides 5.9 meqO² /Kg (Maximum limit 20.0) This analysis expresses the quantity of oxygen already absorbed by the oil, the higher its value and the more advanced the stage of rancidity of the product. The field of large oils is represented by a value below 12.0.

“Olive oil is the lifeblood of Mediterranean cuisine.”

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Our History:

Since the early 1900s the Palmerini family has resided in the ancient village of Sermoneta, where the castle rises majestically over the village, one of the most intact monuments of ancient medieval architecture in Lazio. Here he devoted himself to the cultivation of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil, the primary source of livelihood for the Pontine hills.

With great passion, the grandparents have passed on knowledge and tradition to future generations, allowing the creation of an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality that reflects the values ​​of the past in the purity and naturalness of the product.

Even today our ancient olive trees enclosed by dry stone walls, built by hand by Pio, are able to guarantee the quality and excellence of our oil. In fact, dry stone walls feed the natural biodiversity of the flora and fauna of our land


"The dry stone wall" in 2018 included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a particular type of wall built with stone blocks arranged without any type of binder which performs an important function of geomorphological stabilization of the slopes to which is also added that of an element capable of preserving the ecological integrity of the territory.