Son Naava


Our olive plants were specially selected from the very best Arbequina variety. With its earthy aromatic flavor it is one of the most delicious grown today. We choose to only plant Arbequina trees as they flourish in Mallorca's dry hot summers and alkaline soils. Son Naava's soil is rich in calcium and has a low PH level which further aids in the production of a very special extra virgin olive oil. The grove consists of 3,000 trees that can produce up to 12,000 liters of olive oil annually.


SON NAAVA is nestled in the agricultural heart of Mallorca, near a small town called Montuïri. The grove borders the famous archaeological and historic Talaiotic site of Son Fornes that dates back to 850-500 B.C. This area is steeped in richness and history, making the soil bountiful in many ways.  

"It is fresh, soft and a little spicy and I love the fruity fragrance. Arbequina are my favorite choice for olive oil."

Simon Petutschnig, Chef FERA

Son Naava was awarded the Silver Olivales medal at the International Olive Oil Competition in Aix-en-Provence, France

Montuïri, Mallorca,