Terra Rossa



Manaseer Group is working on the development and optimization filed of the economic environment and industry in Jordan, the Group investment is committed to a powerful and successful work plans for the purpose to implement them in a proper way, including the provision of a qualitative value to encourage investment in Jordan

The company adopts a strategy to expand its business and to leave an influential impact in the market field, through its commitment to provide quality standards combined with transparency and reliability in all aspects. Manaseer Group investments have contributed to the development of the business environment along with the availability of sustainable jobs, as well as to provide the market with new skills and technology, in addition to promoting a culture of creativity, which is one of the most stimulating economic growth factors.

Our mission is rooted from a deep commitment towards our citizens and the founding of a promising future for the coming generations that combines quality, knowledge and prosperity. Today Manaseer Group includes more than 18 companies, in addition to partnerships with leading companies in Jordan, and it employs approximately 10,000 employees in Jordan with investments up to 2 billion dollar.


Our Story:
The Holy land of Jordan, being located in the heart of the Fertile Crescent with its magnificent Mediterranean climate, has been named the Terra Rossa (red soil) indicating the best type of soil for growing olive trees, and Jordan is home to some of the oldest olive trees dating back to Biblical times. Since then the olive tree has been of great social and economical importance to the Holy-Landers because of its fruit and its oil.Growing and nurturing olive trees became embedded in the local culture and olive oil has been used for food, medicine, and light. A 6000 thousand year old journey of Olive culture presented Jordan with the crème de la crème of natural resources and the nature’s holiest gift, “the olive”.

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Land and History
“Terra Rossa”, a characteristic of the region,  is a band of fertile red soil overlaying a bed
of limestone. It is red in color due to the presence of the reddish colored iron. This
unusual combination provides perfect natural drainage, ideal for root nourishment, thus
creating one of the best olives in the world. Within this particular ecosystem determined
by just the right wind, the groves are therefore unthreatened by parasites. This makes it possible
to grow the olives organically and to avoid chemical treatment that would affect the purity of the oil.