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Vizcantar Oils

Aceites Vizcántar is a company specialized in olive oils protected by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Priego de Córdoba and from organic farming. Presents the brand "Señorío de Vizcántar" as registered in said Regulatory Council.

Based in Priego de Córdoba, it collaborates with mills in the region to feed on their olive oils, endorsed by the Denomination of Origin, a regulation that defines the essential features of olive oils from our area, according to geography, climate, varieties of olive trees and agricultural tradition, which give our olive oil its own identity, different from other areas.

History and Tradition

The origin of the olive tree is lost in the mists of time, confusing its expansion with the civilizations that have flourished in the Mediterranean Basin. We find ourselves in our Denomination of Origin with surprising and numerous vestiges of Iberian, Roman, Arab, Jewish culture... among others.

The numerous amphoras of the Ibero-Punic type found in the Iberian settlement of Cerro de la Cruz de Almedinilla stored olive oil.

From Roman times, the remains of the oil presses on Cerro Lucerico in Fuente Tójar stand out, a true olive oil factory. Al-Andalus creates a significant agricultural expansion, the result of urban growth, improvements in agricultural techniques, the introduction of new crops and the generalization of the use of fertilizers. Advances fostered by the rich mix of cultures that the Umayyad Caliphate benefits.

The legacy of ancient knowledge grants us today, researching and expanding that knowledge, enjoying techniques and qualities that allow us to optimize their benefits for our health and palates.

The Variety of Olives

The varieties of olive trees that grow the most in our region are: the picudo, the hojiblanco and the picual. In addition to the carrasqueño, pajarero, manzanillo, cornachuelo or lechín, which only remain testimony.

Hojiblanco, between 20% and 30%. Its leaf is narrow and not very long and its rounded fruits of medium size.

The oil it produces is fruity, with almond tones and a final spicy point. It is a variety of excellent sensoriality.

Picual, between 25% and 35%. It is the easiest to harvest, the leaf is also narrow and light green. The olive is smaller than the picuda. It is also known as "marteño" or "nevadillo".

Its oil has a very important unsaponifiable fraction, that is, it does not oxidize and therefore takes longer to become rancid. With a bitter wood flavor and hints of fig. It goes very well to combine with sweet and flat aroma oils.

Picudo, the most abundant variety, accounts for 50/60% of the surface. The olive tree is distinguished by its wide, long leaves and dark green color. The olive is thick and elongated topped by a beak, with white specks on its green or purple skin when ripe. Its oil has more intensity of fruitiness and freshness.

It is the most awarded variety in the tasting panels of official organizations.

Varieties bequeathed by our ancestors and whose quality is increasingly appreciated today: The fruity intensity of the picudo, the almond-shaped tones of the hojiblanco, the bitter wood flavor of the picual.
An oil with sensory richness that we baptize as "Señorío de Vizcántar" , for our oil with DO

New Products and Services

Aceites Vizcántar has been diversifying its line of products and provision of services to face the challenges that, due to competition, market saturation and the change in consumer habits or the new COM, are at the door.

This leads us to a new commercial sensitivity that makes possible the maintenance and growth of our clients. Thus, we have inaugurated a new headquarters (11/28/2003) with spacious and comfortable facilities: new packaging lines, store-exhibition, tasting-tasting room..., expanding our offer of products that come from the olive tree.

Aceites Vizcántar intends to practice this new commercial sensibility, where you will be able to try and taste what you can take with you: different types of oil, table olives, olive pate and olive jam: All these products also come from organic farming and cosmetic products made with olive oil.

Among the services of Aceites Vizcántar is the tasting, to learn to appreciate the oil through the senses. Our intention is, furthermore, to bring the people who visit us closer to the aromas and flavors of our region, those of olive oil, of the excellent kinds of olives that are found here, especially the picudo variety: a paradise for sensations, with that fresh and intense fruitiness of olives, with green tones of grass, tomato, almond, apple..., which give it a praiseworthy sensory elegance.

This new tasting service is aimed at groups between ten and sixty people.

The tastings aim to raise awareness of learning:

.The olfactory-gustatory and tactile notes of an olive oil.
.The attributes of an oil: virtues and defects.
.How the profile of an olive oil is made.
.Description of an oil according to its sensory qualities.
.Material for the tasting.

This is an introductory class to the world of olive oil, where you can acquire the ability to distinguish an extra virgin olive oil from an oil with defects or refined.

Other services are: information on the uses, qualities, characteristics and utilities of our products; especially olive oil: olive oil and gastronomy, olive oil and health, etc.