hypereleon ultra gold

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✔ THE SUPREME SOURCE 2022 edt.: 100% Pure & Natural, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from handpicked unripe olives (first agoureleon). From carefully selected ancient olive trees, in groves of Olympia Variety at the highest altitude of the mountains near Ancient Olympia, in Greece. The place where according to Greek Mythology, Hercules planted the first olive tree & the birthplace of the Olympic Games at which the winners were awarded with a priceless treasure: a branch of olive called “Cotinus”. ✔ THE SECRET RECIPE: High altitude, absence of water and extreme climate conditions in the winter are causing extreme stress to our specially selected ancient olive trees and force them to produce huge quantities of polyphenols & other beneficial ingredients, in order to survive and protect their precious olives. Compounds which we ensure to maintain intact, in supremely high concentrations in our olive oil by gentle, organic bio dynamic cultivation, love, passion & special procedures. ✔ THE GOLDEN SECRET: A superb natural combination of priceless specific polyphenols with other extremely beneficial natural ingredients. Provides one of highest globally natural concentration of health-boosting polyphenols, such as Oleuropein, Ligstroside, Oleocanthal. Unrivaled quality, taste and texture, with admirably high content of polyphenols, a-tocopherol, lignans & secoridoids. As only Olympia Variety & Greek Nature know to naturally deliver from Antiquity (3500 years ago) until today. ✔ A TRUSTED PROCESS: Rigid scientific monitoring & quality controls are applied during all stages of production & distribution. By strictly following special certified procedures during all stages of production (from cultivation, harvest & oil milling, to exemplary storage, bottling, packaging & distribution), we ensure the top quality of every drop of our product, from our groves to your front door. No pesticides, chemicals or additives are involved in the production process. ✔ World Best Healthy EVOO: By combining tradition, science and modern technology with patience, devotion, persistence, love and deep knowledge we have achieved total quality and global recognition. Hypereleon Ultra Gold has been internationally recognized and top awarded with the most important Platinum & Gold Awards regarding High Phenolic Content & Perfect Taste. Additionally, with 3 Top Awards at the WORLD BEST HEALTHY EVOO CONTEST 2021, it has been officially recognized among WORLD BEST.