International Awards

Goya’s work has been recognized by
the most demanding international
markets, as shown by more than 100
awards granted to their extra virgin
olive oils.

Olive Oils

Our oil is obtained exclusively with olives from our land in the latomie valle del belice district of castelvetrano Italy.

The Quality of our products is preserved throughout the whole year, and that is the results of a lot of work and commitment, The harvest of olives is done exclusively by hand, while it is still green but in the veraison phase in which the greatest accumulation of polyphenols and fruitiness occurs.

Agrbonfiglio Produces one and only one type of olive oil, it is the DELIZIO OIL.
for the production of bonfiglio extra virgin olive oil, only olives from our land are used. it is produced in 2 variants able to satisfy every kind of palate, depending on the desired intensity.