Best Olive Oils Jordan

Jordan is the birthplace of some of the oldest olive trees, some of which are over 3,000 years old.
The olive tree constitutes 80% of the trees planted in Jordan, covering half of the planted area.
This elegant and long-lived tree is sacred to the Jordanians as it is referred to in all the holly books. It is a source of wealth and very useful for food, medicine and fragrance.

The Jordanians are culturally and socially attached to the olive tree. It is an essential part of their local heritage and is still a part of their lifestyle.

There are about 30 distinct kinds of olive trees in Jordan, all of which can produce excellent quality olive oil.

The prevailing olive cultivars are Nabali and Rasie, both indigenous, which are believed to have been cultivated in the area for ages. Another popular variety is Souri, which is cultivated in the provinces of Ajloun and Jerash and has very good and distinctive organoleptic properties . Numerous other cultivars, mainly of Italian origin, are also grown in Jordan.

The variety of olive cultivars and the suitable environmental conditions make the Jordanian olive oil very special.
The Jordanian producers started to participate in various olive oil contests in recent years and their olive oils have been rewarded numerous times with gold and silver awards for their premium quality.

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