Best Olive Oils France

The production of olive oil in France is insignificant compared to the rest of the Mediterranean basin, it is however recognized worldwide for its quality.

There are 40,000 olive oil producers in France, but the vast majority of them produce only for their own consumption or in slightly larger quantities for direct sale.

There are different categories of French olive oil, including extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. The classification of oils depends on their acidity, smell and flavor.

There are nearly 400 cultivars in France.Among the leading varieties is the Aglandau, widely planted in the Luberon sub-region, which produces lighter, sweeter and more subtle oils than its Italian and Spanish cousins. Two other prized varieties are Salonenque and Grossane; both are grown in the Baux de Provence district and are known for their intense bouquet of fresh-cut grass, pollen and artichokes - perfect additions to salads, vegetable dishes, fine fish dishes and even the region's cheese.

France produces olive oils that can easily compete with the best offerings from more famous producers like Greece, Italy and Spain.

Indeed, French olive oils have competed and won several gold and silver medals in many competitions which attest to their excellent qualities.

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