Best Olive oils Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its olive oil production, which is centered in the region of Al Jaouf.

The region is located in the north of Saudi Arabia, near the Jordanian border, where olive trees are widely cultivated.

The Al Jouf region is referred to as the 'olive basket' of the Kingdom as it has about 30 million olive trees covering 7,300 hectares. The land is extremely fertile and produces thousands of liters of olive oil per year.

The Al-Jouf province celebrate the olive tree every year. It holds an annual olive festival which lasts two weeks. It is very significant and dozens of producers get the chance to present their olive products.

It exists more than 30 varieties olive trees in Al Jouf, imported from France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Two of the best-known varieties in the region are Sorani and Nibali.

Olive cultivation started also to extend to the outskirts of the Tabuk region. Today, olives and olive oil are essential parts of the Saudi culinary style.

The olive oils of Saudi Arabia are beginning to be internationally recognized thanks to the various competitions that many of the producers take part in.

The numerous awards which they have received attest to the high quality of their products.