Join the luxury olive oil revolution with the Best Olive Oils Store franchise.  

In a world where investment seems dominated by cryptocurrencies and real estate, the luxury olive oil sector is emerging as a unique investment opportunity, one that is safer and equally, if not more, profitable. Welcome to Best Olive Oils Store, your gateway to a rapidly growing market overflowing with demand that far exceeds supply.

Six years ago, when we started listing the world's best olive oils, the internet only offered olive oils from traditional supermarkets like Carrefour. International fairs were dominated by the largest companies, each claiming to have the best olive oil. Existing competitions didn't publish the contact information of the winners.

The biggest challenge for olive oil sellers lies in showcasing the best oils. It's not an easy task as the demand for these precious and rare products far surpasses the supply. We're not talking about mass-produced, blended, and filtered olive oils from various countries. We're talking about exceptional products that often sell out just months after production ends.

Thanks to the Dubai Olive Oils Competition, now recognized as the world's best olive oil competition, we've been able to list all the best olive oils in the world.

We've listed over 900 award-winning olive oils from 27 different countries. This incredible network now allows us to focus on the most serious producers.

Over the past three years, we've published thousands of videos to promote the DUBAIOOC winners.
These videos, viewed by millions of people, have generated significant interest and immense demand from investors looking to open franchises, import, and resell these olive oils in their countries.
That's why we've created this page – to guide and assist potential investors in the best possible way.

Our goal now is to make these exceptional olive oils available in the places where they are rarest and, therefore, most in demand. There isn't a luxury hotel or Michelin-starred restaurant that doesn't have its wine cellar. Yet, most of these establishments offer very low-quality olive oils, despite the fact that olive oil has the power to completely transform and enhance the taste of dishes.

Just like the most expensive wines are always stored in beautiful wine cellars, high-quality olive oils also deserve a display that matches their excellence. That's why we've decided to create our own custom-made, top-of-the-line furniture. Adjustable in height, it accommodates different bottle sizes. Backlit, it highlights each bottle, giving the olive oils the exposure they deserve.

Manufactured in Dubai, our custom furniture costs around 3000 euros to produce. In order to quickly open 1000 retail points worldwide, whether in cities like Dubai, New York, Shanghai, luxury hotels or Michelin-starred restaurants, or even directly at the producers themselves, we've decided to offer this furniture at cost price. Additionally, we cover the transportation costs and customs duties so that these superior quality olive oils are available for sale as quickly as possible.

Once the retail points are established and the olive oils are being sold worldwide, we'll offer franchise opportunities with entry fees exceeding 100,000 euros. However, with the aim of accelerating the marketing of these olive oils in the most beautiful places in the world, we've decided to currently offer the entry rights to the most serious investors, allowing them to start selling the world's best olive oils without delay.

Whether you're a seasoned investor seeking opportunities, looking to invest in a rapidly expanding sector with high demand and limited competition, a luxury hotel or restaurant wanting to offer exceptional products to your clients, or a producer wanting to showcase your products in your store, we guarantee that every year you'll have exclusive and priority access to the world's best olive oils.

Thank you for your interest in opening a Best Olive Oils Store retail location. Please fill out this form, and we will get back to you very soon.