Huile Ziane

About our values

1 Healthy
Rejection of the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, additives, etc.

2 A High-quality product
A High quality product, natural, freshness, flavor

3 Product Information Perception of greater proximity to olive groves, of known origin, authentic, indigenous, traditional

4 The respect for the environment
 Perception of production that respects the environment and the welfare of animals.


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the brand

Zarzis is the first region of the medical government in terms of olive oil production.
 Oil mills erected at the edge of the road and among the olive trees are preparing to welcome the different varieties of the region "CHEMLALI & ZALMATI" Ziane, it's not just a brand! It is an archeological site located in the south of Tunisia and more precisely in city of Zarzis.
Thanks to its fertile land, this place has become the most interesting destination for olive growing.
This crop was passed from father to son. AHMED MILADI created a "Chemlali" agricultural production company which was later transformed into a former "Chemlali" agricultural production unit. Friaa family. The CHEMLALI Company of Agricultural Production offers you a wide range of organic and conventional olive oil with a flavor and a taste of southern Tunisia.
This company specializes in the production and sale of organic olive oil while taking into account the respective conditions of the environment and the health of consumers. This body of biological This body of biological certification is an honour to be held nationally and internationally .

Adresse: Route de Chamakh Mouanssa 4144, Zarzis –Tunisie

 Tél: (+216) 54 98 00 49
(+216) 98 38 64 89