Originated from a small village called Zen, in the heart of Batroun Lebanon at an elevation of 600-800 meters.
 Rocky mountains are fully planted of olives where the sun attacks the full trees during the day and the rocky mountains keep the olives' roots fresh and humid.
 This combination allows a fresh fruity unique olive oil, mixed with the 30+ years of experience in the olive oil industry with many worldwide and global standards to reach an excellent extra virgin olive oil, with the minimum possible acidity and peroxyde.
 - 3 cousins have started the olive oil production as hobby based on the expertise of the elder and the big olive quantity in the region. All land and olive farm owners have been well trained on how to elevate trees, collect olives and take them directly to the factory.

Founders And Team

3 cousins have founded the factory (Hanna Juan, Rony Wehbe and Jean Wehbe), then Hanna and Rony have exited and Jean acquired the full shares and continued the production with high standard. Hanna Juan : 40 Years of experience in olive oil production, Rony and Jean have both 30 years of experience in the field

Production Methods

 First of all, it starts with the elevation of the olive trees. We already got expert agri engineers to teach the farmers how to deal with the trees. Secondly, we also did many awareness sessions with the farmers to follow the early october harvesting standards in order to collect the olives on time. Then, we have a full advanced Pieralizi machines, cold pressed, to extract the extra virgin olive oil