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245 is an extra virgin olive oil with rare characteristics.

 Its creation is based on exclusively traditional methods and "secrets" of oiling that seal its identity and highlight it in a rare tasting experience. Its acidity is close to 0.08% making it as pure as water!

 The variety "Klonari" of the region of Paania, is a natural creation of the growers of the region, which was made by studying and taking care of the health of the trees in natural ways only. This cultivation care that has been provided for centuries has resulted in nature returning a variety of fruit with very rare characteristics destined to be tasted by those who know how to truly choose nature's treasures.

245 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic 245 Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Our story

Our family has lived in the area of ​​Paiana for over a century. Our grandfather Konstantinos Davaris started growing olive trees from a young age. In 1910 he planted the first trees of our olive grove, laying the foundation stone of a tradition that follows us to this day.

In the post-war Greece of 1945, the development of agricultural products was an important activity for the survival of the family. The grandfather taught our father Othonas all the secrets and cares he needed to know in order to sustainably keep the trees of the rare "Klonari" variety that he inherited.

Coming to today, the 245 olive groves as they are characteristically named since the day it came into the family's possession, we are in the proud position of managing and creating this wonderful rare olive oil that we learned from our parents.

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245 Our olive groves

The olive tree is a century-old tree that closes time in itself to travel.

Olive growers know very well how to read the marks left by the human hand on the tree over time. Care and respect are the absolute tools needed for the olive tree to live, grow and yield all its gifts.

The cultivation, development and exploitation of olive trees requires very special handling for this reason and olive production is often reduced not only to science but to art.

Each variety has its own characteristics, its own requirements that can vary even in the microclimate of the tree. This is also the reason why rare varieties are grown locally since the olive growers are required to monitor the life of the trees very closely.

In our olive grove, our family developed methods and treatments that are only natural. The careful handling of the health of the trees paid off and created a wonderful surprise: golden fruits with intense color and unique vigor.

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OUR PROMISE Our values


Creating products of exceptional quality is a requirement for us.


Loyalty to tradition secures what we have acquired over many generations.


A value that we assign from mother nature to the consumer.

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