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About us

The farm

Olive trees are a part of my family culture since the first half of 1800s. Documentary sources and memory cannot go further but everything suggests that the bond has deeper roots.
From a subsistence olive-growing: oil and olives as means of exchange and sustenance, the wood from the pruning to cook and warm up, after more than two centuries we achieved a sustainable, nutraceutical, heroic olive-growing.
Aspects that up to 20 years ago no one would have linked to oil or olives, are now, at least the first two (sustainable and nutraceutical), the only way to enhance olive-growing.
 These three adjectives – sustainable, nutraceutical and heroic – embody our philosophy, our uncompromising way to see olive-growing.
Agresti 1902 is a tribute to Francesco Paolo, my grandfather, from whom I inherited my name and the strong bond with the land and the olive tree. For these reasons I decided to set aside my degree in Economics to devote myself to Agrarian studies and to olive-growing. I am part of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies’ National Directory of technicians and experts of olive oil.
I start every morning with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil.
Francesco Paolo Agresti

The Olive Groves

Our olive groves are placed at an altitude between 400 and 550 meters, on the most rugged landscapes of the Dop Colline Pontine (Pontine Hills) in the municipalities of Itri and Sonnino, on steep limestone terrain, with southern or south-western exposure, towards the Mediterranean.

The 30% slope imposes a manual management of every working process, from pruning to harvesting.

Altitude and exposure foster a better sun irradiation and a higher difference between minimum and maximum temperature, which are conditions that allow to better enhance the nutraceutical and sensory properties creating an extra virgin olive oil naturally richer of polyphenols and antioxidants, with a sensory profile that enhances the characteristics of the cultivar and presents higher levels of oleic acid.

Sensory profile

501 Altitudo has a medium to intense fruity aroma, a unique perception for the intensity of a hint of “green tomato” scent, with almond aftertaste and a typical fragrant herbaceous note.

The sensory profile is rounded off by a balanced perception of bitter and pungent that ease food pairing.

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