LA MAJA 


About us


Aceites La Maja is a family business founded in 1997 and is specialized in olive cultivation, production and marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thanks to the rigorous control of the entire production process and the care with which we carry it out, we obtain exceptional quality juices in our Mendavia mill (NAVARRA).

Founded in the year 1997

Specialized in the cultivation, production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.


Our harvesting method is completely mechanized, so the olive goes directly from the olive tree to the mill, without touching the ground, without hitting it, without alterations and with the appropriate ripeness, depending on the oil that is to be obtained.

We select the plots by maturation, variety, DOP, and/or organic and we collect the fruit directly from the tree.

From this moment until they are crushed, the olives can go bad, which is why it is extremely important, if you want to obtain a quality oil, to extract the oil from the olives in the shortest possible time.

The vast majority of the olive plantations have been arranged in an intensive framework (4 x 1.5m), thus favoring the cultivation and maturation of the olive, and above all the mechanization and speed of harvesting and transport to the mill.


In our mill, we only obtain oil from healthy olives, freshly picked from the tree and with a process of "cold extraction" (<27ºC)" carried out in less than 12 hours from harvesting, avoiding fermentation that directly affects the quality of the oil. .
For this reason, our oil is always distinguished by the best quality, that of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

The process of obtaining and elaboration consists of the following phases:


Once the olives arrive at the mill and whenever necessary, they will go through a washing machine that, using spray water, removes any dust and mud that they may have. When they are clean, they are weighed and transferred to the hoppers that feed the mill.


Using a stainless steel hammer mill, the olives are crushed. We beat this mass at a constant temperature and always below 27ºC, knowing that this way we do not extract all the oil possible, but with the highest quality.

Through continuous centrifugation we separate our precious liquid gold, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Once the oil is obtained, it is filtered and stored in the winery in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 18 to 20ºC and under an inert nitrogen atmosphere, without outside light or contact with air, waiting to be bottled.