The territory

The Elisabetta Brittelli farm, immersed in a landscape of extreme beauty, is located at an altitude of about 200 m, about sea level, along the slopes of the hills of Roccabernarda, a small historically rich center, where the ruins remain. of the medieval convent of San Francesco di Paola.

Roccabernarda, a town of 3,390 inhabitants, rises along the Tacina stream, in a predominantly hilly area in Calabria. Territory of the high marquisate of Crotone, which has always been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees. The panorama that welcomes it is magnificent, characterized by these hills that gently rise towards the green plateaus of the Sila. The company has the primary objective of spreading the culture of its territory through the production of quality oil, obtained with only native Calabrian olives grown through organic farming. This is where "Athena" organic extra virgin olive oil is born.


A story of passion and commitment, which began in Roccabernarda, a land where the culture of oil has been rooted for centuries. It is here that Santo Bonofiglio and his children begin to make quality oil known in the area and tell a love story every day based on a zero impact company policy, in harmony with the environment.

Especially Francesco, a graduate in Computer Science, a lover of the earth and nature.
From an early age he accompanied his father on the journey of the olive groves, and admiring the charismatic way of doing things, he continued to show him a path made of traditions, sacrifices, wisdom, to the rhythm of time and seasons, in the presence of olive trees that make "talk and silence ".

The search for the genuineness of the products, the well-being of the soil, plants, natural balances, the protection of biodiversity, sustainability and the health of the consumer, led Francesco and his wife, Elisabetta Brittelli, to invest in the territory and in the quality of the own organic product, through a technique that exploits the natural fertility of the soil.

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the oil

In the green countryside dominated by centuries-old olive trees, the Brittelli Elisabetta farm, with over 25 hectares of land, has been operating for over a hundred years.

The happy exposure to the sun combined with the traditional production techniques of organic cultivation, based on the use of organic fertilizers and without any use of pesticides, allow our 4000 plants to produce healthy and superior quality olives from which an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of "Athena" organic olive with characteristics of absolute genuineness and purity. The spirit of initiative, the desire to look to the future, the use of the most modern technologies and the desire to enthusiastically project itself onto the market, allow the company to operate with great professionalism.

Thanks to the climatic factors that favor the flowering and ripening of the fruits, they give this oil excellent characteristics.

The harvest takes place through beating, mechanically or by hand stripping.


Faithful to a quality that does not compromise, our organic oil is obtained from olives of the most genuine and highest quality varieties with acidity (not exceeding 0.4).

The harvest takes place from the end of October to the end of December. . 100% natural production.

Cold-pressed, within 24 hours after harvest, so that the oil can keep its organoleptic properties, aroma and taste unaltered.


The main variety grown in the area is the Carolea 70%. The oil that derives from the carolea is characterized by a light-medium-intensity olive fruitiness, a well expressed bitter and spicy and an aftertaste that recalls almond and often apple. The intense aroma, the golden green color, the balanced flavor, characterize this oil with a medium intense fruity taste that denotes its origin and represents the pride of an agricultural land that has always been dedicated to quality.

The other varieties present in the olive groves and which can contribute alone or jointly to the production of the denomination "Alto Crotonese" in an amount not exceeding 30% are the cultivars: Pennulara, Borgese, Nocellara Messinese and Nocellara Benice. The oil obtained from these varieties ranges from a fruity to a bitter and a medium-high-intensity spicy with notes of almonds and tomatoes.

It is suitable in the field of gastronomy both raw, as a condiment for salads, vegetables and soups, but also to accompany the cooking of grilled, fish, roast meats or simply on a slice of good bread. It is the ideal basis of the Mediterranean diet, today recommended all over the world; particularly suitable for those who choose a healthy and correct diet.


The storage is in stainless steel tanks for food at a constant temperature and away from light according to CE standards. It is free from defects and extraneous odors.


Organic extra virgin olive oil is sold in bottles of 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 lt., And in 5 and 10-liter tins.