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Without a doubt, it is an exquisite product that brings shine and smoothness to your cooking. Ideal for salads, sauces, stews and fried foods. Whether in traditional recipes or in haute cuisine creations, a simple drop is the perfect dressing that enhances the appearance and flavour of your dishes.
Owner of the healthy properties of olives, scientific studies highlight the benefits of oleic acid and recommend consuming olive oil replacing other fats, as an effective way to care for the heart, to decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood, to strengthen our bones or to protect from diseases such as cancer or diabetes. Even to fight against the skin aging process.


Olive oil is extracted from freshly-harvested olives at the end of the autumn, when the fruit contains the maximum quantity of oil. The quality of the oil obtained depends to a large extent on the variety of olive used, the time of harvest, and the subsequent processing. For this reason, we supervise each stage of the harvesting and extraction processes to ensure that the olives arrive in perfect condition and that the oil obtained is of the highest quality. The quality of the olive oil is determined by its organoleptic properties and its content of free fatty acids.

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