company presentation

Passionate about the world of olive oil and its health benefits, the two partners; Mr. Atef Ferjani and Mr. Rached Rajhi decided to launch their first project The company ALRajhi-EL Ferjani of Food Industries is a company Tuniso-Omanaise created in 2017, specialized in the production, Storage and Packaging of organic and conventional olive oil and aromatized oils under the branded «Carthagene Olivos»; “Neapolis olive oil BIO”; “zahraa ezzayatin” and “Ghosson ezaytoun”.

The company has a modern oil mill; two bottling units, a metal container packaging unit and storage tanks with a capacity of 300T in stainless steel and nitrogen.

 To ensure a superior quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils; the two partners have decided to create a new company SMVDA RAJHI FERJANI in 2019 which manages a Farm founded in 1928 and with an area of 450H including more than 14000 Olive Trees and which target new plantations of 30000 Feet all conducted in Organic mode.

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History of the region

• The history of olive oil merges with that of Tunisia and more particularly with the region of Cap Bon.

 • Archaeological research carried out by the Prehistoric Atlas team shows that the oldest traces of prehistoric presence known at Cap Bon date back to the Middle Paleolithic and more specifically to the Azerian.

 • The number of ruins dating from Roman times is due to the wealth of Cap Bon, which produced large quantities of wheat, fruit trees, vines and olive trees, a source of active trade between the ports of the region and Rome, according to the description of Diodorus Siculus.

• In the 18th century, The stories of European travelers made famous the Andalusian centers of the southwestern region of Cap Bon such as Grombalia, Turqui, Belli, Nianou, Tebournok and especially Soliman where 500,000 olive trees exist. There were 80,000 feet at Nianou, 60,000 feet at Belli and 50,000 at Turqui.

 • Our olives varieties’diversity offers a generous palette of authentic flavors for different tastes.

 • The company is a producer and exporter of different qualities of olive oil, namely: Extra virgin, Organic extra virgin, Flavored extra virgin and Virgin.


Our oil mill Al Rajhi-El Ferjani is an organic oil mill certified by Ecocert. Our organic and conventional extra virgin olive oils are cold extracted directly from olives and only by mechanical processes.

 Our olives from hundred-year-old olive trees planted since 1928 in our farm "Domaine El Wahda 1" which is located in one of the most beautiful agricultural regions of Nabeul,Tunisia and certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT.