Like wine, olive oil has its grape varieties (varieties of olives), its specific aromas and its “great vintages”, with extraordinary estates and harvests. So I created Alta Olea with a specific objective: to produce Chétoui oil allowing to experience unusual olfactory sensations and taste emotions. For this, we take extreme care in the development of our olive oil thanks to passionate men and women, who ensure quality at all stages of production. Our olives are particularly harvested by hand and pressed in the following hours, in our own oil mill, at a maximum temperature of 27 ° C in order to preserve all the flavors of Extra Virgin olive oil.
We attach great importance to the quality of our products, for this we only offer pure monovarietal oils; without any blending. I could obviously go on talking about Alta Olea, but the easiest way to appreciate the organoleptic properties of our oil and the incomparable aromas of the Tunisian olive trees of Chétoui is to taste it. So good tasting!


Specializing in the cultivation, production and sale of exceptional olive oils, Alta Olea works with respect for ancestral traditions. Discover monovarietal oils from Chétoui with intense and unique aromas to delight the taste buds of all gourmets. Please do not hesitate to contact our olive oil store for more information before ordering.
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The quality of Tunisian olive oils is wrongly misunderstood. Tunisia has indeed inherited an exceptional genetic heritage of olive, and the Chétoui variety is one of them.