The creation idea of ​​Amphoreus Intertrade is simple and at the same time very earthy. In our privately owned olive groves in Boeotia, very close to Delphi and Arachova, we discovered the magic of extra virgin olive oil.

The varieties, undoubtedly the best in the world, Koroneiki, Athinoelia, Manaki. Separately or combined with each other, they offer us different taste pleasures.

Our desire to create a unique line of tasty organic products led us to search for sophisticated tastes. Starting our professional journey, we enriched our range with organic products of the Mediterranean diet. Amphoreus' range of organic products includes some of nature's most important gifts for humans, olive oil and honey. This particular series includes three types of olive oil of exceptional quality Gourmet, Bio & Premium, three types of honey with a unique taste and specificity, Fir, Chestnut and Heather. Finally, we could not fail to include organic molasses, which is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. We collected them and offer them to you...

A special gift of the rich Greek nature, an essential component of it
  world famous
    "Mediterranean diet", which was a source of inspiration for us.

We produce and package a premium quality extra virgin olive oil. A genuine olive juice from which the intense fruity aromas of the freshly picked fruit emerge effortlessly. The selected varieties, the correct ripening time, the location of the olive trees, the controlled method of cultivation and processing, give our oil its golden-green color and intense its fruity taste.
 Our extra virgin olive oil maintains unchanged all the nutritional and organoleptic elements it contains."Liquid Gold" for Homer and "Mega Therapeuticon" for Hippocrates. Olive oil!! Elixir of life The difference is very small......

"Liquid Gold" for Homer and "Mega Therapeuticon" for Hippocrates. Olive oil!! Elixir of life The difference is very small......

The early harvest ensures the excellent quality of the olive oil that we provide to you, with love and extra care. The cold crushing of the fruit during the first 12 hours and its separation at temperatures no higher than 25°C, the storage in inox tanks, their storage in a shady and cool place, as well as the standardization meet all the technical specifications. Its slight tartness, which is due to the high concentration of polyphenols, proves that it has been harvested in a short period of time and has been produced with great care and passion.