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Malta, with its rich history and vibrant food culture, is not just a scenic archipelago but also a hub for dedicated olive oil producers. These artisans, despite global market challenges, continue to craft extraordinary olive oils with a deep-rooted passion for their land and a commitment to excellence.

Our olive oils have gained international acclaim, particularly at the prestigious Dubai Olive Oil Competition, recognized globally as a leading contest in the industry. Each of our featured oils has earned either a gold or silver medal, placing them among the elite olive oils worldwide.

Our aim is straightforward: to connect you, the olive oil aficionados, directly with Maltese producers. We operate without taking any commission on sales—producers set their own prices, and we simply facilitate your orders to them.

Every purchase you make directly supports the local farmers and craftsmen who nurture, press, and bottle these exquisite oils. We believe you will be captivated by the unique characteristics of Maltese olive oil, noted for its rich aromas, robust flavors, and superior quality.

Explore our site and confidently place your order to experience the excellence of Maltese olive oil right from the comfort of your home, knowing you are supporting local producers.

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