Biancolì is the new olive oil from Fattoria del Barone Mocciaro Li Destri. We are one of the oldest producers of extra virgin olive oil in Sicily, now we have decided to introduce a unique organic olive oil, thought specifically for children: Biancolì

Biancolì is part of the Mocciaro Li Destri farm, is located at 500 meters above sea level in the Ger aci Siculo area of the Madonie Mountains Natural Park (UNESCO Geopark , with peaks rising above 2000 metres in the north centre of Sicily , within the province of Palermo Santa Barbara is the oldest estate belonging to the Mocciaro Li Destri family , who has been cultivating the land in this part of the island since the XVII century .

The Biancoli olive grove occupies part of a valley which connects the Madonie mountains to the
Tyrrhenian sea coast (at a linear distance of 40 km) in a completely natural environment, facing south east with a slope of 20%. The inclination of the land avoids problems of water stagnation, to which the olive tree is very sensitive.

The distinctive element of  our organic olive grove is the fascinating landscape and the
variety of olives organically farmed . If 50 years ago our plants were only secular and ancient
olive trees , today we count four different types of olives. The modern olive grove was
planted in the 1970s by Alessandro Mocciaro Li Destri’s father, Giuseppe, and include
varieties typical of the Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria , like the Frantoio, but also
some of the most ancient varieties of Sicily, like the Santagatese , Biancolilla and Crastu.
Moreover, each cultivar always plays a particular role as it participates in the maintenance of biological diversity. Since the Nineties, the olive grove has been cultivated with organic farming methods with the objective of obtaining an extra virgin olive oil of a maximum quality respecting the environment preserving the fertility of the soil and trying to optimize the natural cycles and resources, without the use of chemical products. Our first consumers are the members of our family and what we feed our children is what we give our customers only the best!


Monocultivar organic olive oil produced exclusively using olive from the Biancolilla variety. This olive has a distinctly delicate taste particularly suited for children's palates.

In addition, our choice of a late harvesting of the olives allows us to obtain an olive oil with an even softer taste and sweeter flavor. This while maintaining all the benefits, vitamins and minerals naturally contained in high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

We let the oil decant for nine months, a real gestation designed to eliminate residual spiciness.
During this period, the oil is stored in small stainless-steel containers without using nitrogen and preserving all its nutritional qualities.

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