Aceites Hacienda el Palo is a benchmark company in the olive oil sector for the quality of its products. At present, we are internationally recognized as one of the five companies with the best winery in the world, in terms of the quality of the oil it contains.

This recognition is the result of our effort to achieve excellence in our oils.

From the first day, we understood that our goals as a company can only be exceeded day after day, with the continuous and tireless effort of those who want to be a leader in their sector, and have the means to research and develop the way to always stay on top. of the tastes and highest demands of our customers.

We understand olive oil as a means, not an end. We firmly believe that its use goes beyond a need for consumption due to the healthiest diets, becoming an instrument to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our senses.

"Our illusion and our good work is above all else and is the reason for the quality of our EVOO"

We are present in many countries, from the best gourmet stores to the most prestigious commercial chains in the world. We tailor our products to your wishes and guidelines.

In this way, we guarantee the highest quality of our extra virgin olive oils.

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The time of collection is the end of a process that lasts throughout the year. Our olive trees are treated with the greatest dedication. Combining experience and innovation, our olive growing practices pay special attention to felling, irrigation and the nutrients that the tree needs to provide us with the best possible fruit.

Thus, at the end of October or the beginning of November, the olive campaign begins: an early harvest together with an optimal state of maturity are some of the most important aspects to produce quality olive oil.


In the mill , the olive cleaning process begins , removing the leaves and small stems. Once clean, it is deposited in stainless steel hoppers for its immediate grinding .

The purpose of beating is to form larger oil droplets by adding smaller droplets. After this process, the paste obtained is physically centrifuged. The different density of the elements of this mass makes it possible that, thanks to the centrifugal force, the lighter ones (oil) remain inside the centrifuge and the heavier ones (alperujo) are dragged to the outside.

In our Mediterranean culture it is a staple in the diet, both raw and hot, and an excellent preservative for some foods.

Olive Oil and Health

The health benefits of olive oil have been known since ancient times. Its positive effects on our health are many , being an element widely used in traditional medicine for its therapeutic properties, which modern science already recognizes today.

The particular properties of each oil are basically determined by the variety of olive from which they come. The Picual olive variety is the queen of the Jaén olive grove and the oil that is extra from it is gradually positioning itself in the quality market of EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) as the excellent product that it is. One of its most important advantages is its stability against oxidation, preserving its attributes for a longer period of time and thus being an excellent natural preservative.

Olive oil and Tasting

Oil tasting consists of capturing through the senses and detecting the virtues and defects of an olive oil (positive and negative attributes) to determine its quality and appreciate its finesse. There are many factors that influence: the variety of olive tree, the composition of the soil, the climate of the area, the care in the collection, the time that elapses from the collection to its grinding, also in the way of processing and deciding together with the manufacturing parameters the optimal point of the process.