Bustan El Zeitoun's roots are firmly grounded in the olive groves of Aabra, a Lebanese village situated near the historic temple of Eshmun in Sidon.

The heart of Bustan El Zeitoun is drawn from Eshmun, the Phoenician god of healing, whose etymology is linked to the phrase “olive oil” through its therapeutic use in Ancient history.

Bustan El Zeitoun aims to deliver superior quality, living up to Eshmun's reputation as “the one who oils” is thus “the one who heals”.


Let’s be completely honest with you; our most significant driver to eat EVOO is the brilliant taste that completely complements any dish it is added to.
 The different flavors that come with the deep richness of the olive fruit aroma create a whole different exquisite eating experience. When you add extra virgin olive oil to the food, you make, you will add a touch of nature that comes out in every bite you take.
 It also comes in different flavor profiles that accentuate various aspects of your dish.
 The most beautiful part is, is that EVOO can even be added rawly! It’s such a fantastic oil that it has the ability to bring out the taste of the dish, tie it all together, and add so much depth to it. A Supreme Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Supreme Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.