ČERVAR extra virgin olive oils form a brand that positions its market niche in Novigrad – the pearl of the Istrian tourism, but also a town that values its fishermen and labourer. Its fish, oil and wine.This is the surrounding and area where the Červar family achieves greatness in olive growing. Continuing the tradition of their ancestors that started to professionally grow olives in this area in 1952, today they are conducting their business in accordance with the modern standards of olive growing.


Coratina single variety extra virgin olive oil has a green color with golden highlights and is recognizable for its specific combination of green almond, freshly mown grass and artichoke aromas. This oil is intense, with a pronounced spiciness and slight bitterness, with a final experimental taste enriched by sweetness. It is an excellent spice for a vegetable bruschetta or marinated seafood bruschetta, and it pairs well with grilled meat dishes, as well as with a cooked vegetable salad. It can be used as a spice for white chocolate desserts and simple sponge cakes.

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Our Oil
The Červar family oils, San Servolo, Bianchera, Coratina and Žižolera are part of the vast range of high-quality Istrian extra virgin olive oils, recognizable as healthy and stable oils of proven quality.