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Olive Oil

The main characteristic of our olive oils is their incomparable sweetness.

All of them, whether they come from the'Cailletier' variety (Nice Protected Designation of Origin Olive Oil), from our old pollinating planters or from our young plantations (5% of the farm's surface) are classified in the light fruity' category (classification of the International Olive Oil Committee)

PDO Olive Oil of Nice

PDO Olive Oil from Nice -Lou Divin Préludi-vintage
The main characteristic of Nice olive oil (100% Cailletier variety) is its incomparable sweetness. In the mouth, its aromas generally reveal flavors of green or ripe almonds, more or less pronounced, depending on the ripeness of the olives at the time of picking.
Extracted from green fruits, it will have flavors of artichokes, leaves or fresh herbs.
Raw, it will enrich salads and various vegetables.
Sublime in net on fine fishes (nets of St Pierre, Sea breams...) of which it will respect, (by its smoothness and its elegance) more than any other, the flavours.
Simmered, it is naturally present in the composition of most of the specialities of our region and particularly, of the ratatouille.
Avoid frying it, in order to keep all of its dietetic and organoleptic qualities, but rather add it at the last minute to your pan-fried food (meat, etc.).
Some chefs in our department even use it in the preparation of desserts (creams, fruit desserts...) because it is so sweet!
All our oils must be kept away from heat and light, in order to preserve their main dietary and sensory qualities.

Olive Oil of Country ' La Jarra de l'Ancian'

La Jarra de l'Ancian
A very sweet oil, produced from more mature olives, with a fruity taste of ripe almonds and hazelnuts.
This oil, which is generally golden and clear, can, depending on the year, produce a slight taste impression of 'stubble'
It takes its name from the preference of the 'old-timers' of our department, as it is closer to the production methods that prevailed some twenty years ago.
It is best used in cooking: stews, canned vegetables in oil, game and poultry.
All our oils must be kept away from heat and light, in order to preserve most of their dietetic and sensory qualities.

Country Olive Oil Cuvée
 Li Aubrét de l’Ermitage

Li aubrét means 'small trees in Niçois'.
This cuvée owes its name to the different olive trees harvested on the property which are not of the Cailletier variety (the Olive de Nice).
Less vigorous and very diverse, they have inspired this appellation, giving an oil, depending on the year in fruité vert or fruité mûr always complex.
Generally awarded in competitions, but never identically, (because it depends on the blend and the dominant variety of the year), it surprises by its green aromas and its slight bitterness due to a very early harvest or, in later harvests, by its construction of flowers and yellow fruits linked to a constant sweetness.
Aromas are therefore very changeable; from artichoke to green apple, from almond to ripe pear, passing by the mimosa full nose during a recent and surprising harvest.
To be reserved essentially for raw consumption in order to best appreciate its subtlety: raw vegetables in salads or steamed.
Fish: steamed or baked (in this case, brush on thinly as you leave the oven).
All our oils must be kept away from heat and light, in order to preserve most of their dietetic and sensory qualities. Olives in brines AOP Nice; Olive France


Olives in brines AOP Nice & Olive France
AOC Olives of Nice

The Nice olive now benefits from a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), a guarantee of its unique origin and its typicality.
Produced between the sea and the mountains it is, for us, a symbol of the diversity of our beautiful country.
But it is especially, in Champsoleil, the product of user-friendliness par excellence, from where the very particular attention which we carry to him.
From the top of the Mercantour massif to the best tables of the coast, we appreciate it with great pleasure ....., (at the refuge of La Cougourdeat 2090 m of altitude, the friendly managers welcome you with local specialities including the small Champsoleil olive !)
From the Sea to the Mountain, it is always the sign of the best welcome and relaxation ..... !

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