Chateau Virant


A true treasure of Provence, olive oil is considered almost sacred throughout in all the Mediterranean BASIN. This “green gold” has been at the heart of Château Virant’s production for generations. All our OLIVE oils are made at our own mill with olives grown on our own land. Discover our range of olive oils, and let yourself be transported to sunny Provence today is too much.

Aglandau and Salonenque Varieties : The Pride of Our Estate

The production of olive oil is in the DNA of Château Virant. All year long, our artisan craftsmen tend to our olive groves because it is exactly this type of quality attention that will yield the best quality fruit. All of our olives are picked and pressed right here on our own mills, on our own estate. Our land is perfect for producing olives, and our artisanal craftsmanship is consistently recognized. Want to discover an olive in its purest form? Try one of our monovarietal olive oils-a real taste adventure to help you uncover the secrets of the Provençal art of living. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, try one of our oil boxes. You’ll discover a selection of French olive oils ideal for tasting.

One of the Best in France

In France and throughout the Mediterranean basin, the olive is seen as a sacred fruit. From the Spanish coast to Greece via Nice, we celebrate a real devotion to this green fruit whose oil is considered an essential component of clean eating. At Château Virant, we are dedicated to ancestral expertise. Our olive oils are the result of meticulous work that begins long before the harvest. Our exceptional slopes receive optimal sunshine, while the clay-limestone soil blend offers our trees the complex nutrients needed to produce excellent fruit. Each bottle, whether it is an APO or a IGP oil, has been made according to the same exacting standards. We’re proud to be one of the largest and most celebrated olive oil producers in France.

A Taste of Provence

Grown on our Provençal estate, our olives develop an incomparable aromatic palate. Why? It’s where they come from. In summer, the fruits ripen under the kiss of the bright sun and the caress of the mistral winds. We are proud to bring you a range of quality oils containing a bouquet of pleasant, noteworthy flavors.


The most awarded oil in France is the result of artisanal expertise honed by Christine Cheylan and her family for more than 25 years at the Chateau Virant in Lançon-Provence. Recognized throughout the world by the finest gourmets, our PDO Aix-en-Provence olive oil wins medals at major national and international olive oil competitions.



Recognized as a main player in the industry, Christine Cheylan has supervised all of the olive oil production at the mill of Château Virant since 1996.
 Thanks to the precision of her tastings and her mastery of olive processing methods, she is recognized as an expert in the field. She collaborates with major food brands as a special advisor, and she has also been named the president of international olive oil competitions in Shanghai, Montreal, and Toronto.


Today, the region of Aix-en-Provence is famous for its quality, homegrown products. Our PDO olive oils are recognized for their aromatic typicity with notes of artichoke and fresh grass.
 All of our oils are crafted according to the most rigorous specifications in order to satisfy the greatest gourmands.

Products for great chefs

At the end of the 1990s, in a small gastronomic restaurant in Norway, Chef Denis Fétisson practiced his culinary art for 4 years.
 There, he discovered our olive oil as a revelation and contacted Christine Cheylan.
 On their return to France, the two lovers of the terroir met and shared their passion.
 This is how, for more than 20 years now, Chef Denis Fétisson has been working with this tasty oil in his gastronomic restaurant La Place de Mougins and has maintained close links with our estate by also participating in the elaboration of some of our specialities: olive caramels, Virant sprigs.