Claramunt AWARDS


I am 200 years old

My name is Picual, maybe my name doesn’t remind you anything, or on the contrary, it means a lot; the fact is that there are many olive trees named like me in my region; together with my brothers we have a fact that differentiates us from all others, this fact is our family, the Claramunt family, to which we have belonged for many years and with a tradition of more than two centuries. With this introduction, I would like to tell you my story, our story.

During all these years, my family has always taken care of me and my fruit, Picual olive, the quintessential variety in Spain. When it is ready for its harvest, Claramunt family transform it into the most precious part of me: Olive Oil. In 1999 two relatives came to our home, the first relative in arrive was Arbequina variety, coming from Catalonia her homeland, and she wanted to settle in our Andalusian land, the invitation was made by Joaquín Claramunt, who was convinced that in Jaen, Arbequina would draw her best character from within; and so it was, it is our most feminine, delicate, sweet and with a certain mischief variety that shows in its touch the most elegant spice. That same year 1999, also became part of our family, my relative Frantoio variety, came from Italian lands, specifically from Tuscany, austere, hard-working land, …. Joaquin Claramunt took a risk because my relative Frantoio has always had a reputation for being complex, rude, rough, difficult to deal with, but we were surprised because although it is true that he rebelled according to his fame we realized that a gentleman, our polite Italian, had arrived, dynamic… and our family was growing but it was not yet complete. It would be in 2004 when the Koroneiki variety arrived on our land, the last and risky bet of my farmer, Joaquín Claramunt. Finally, we were all and began our adventure and our dream, the Claramunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil dream.


Experience and know-how

The life of the Claramunt family is totally focused on this project that I present to you. They feel, they suffer and they laugh with us. They help us grow our fruits as their own children.
They take care of us with the best of their intentions, full of passion and harmony, so that our clients can enjoy an EVOO of extraordinary quality.

The different products that you will see throughout this website are the result of a dream, our way of life. The Claramunt family gives the best of their attention to our fruit, their team and, of course, their customers. The clients are the main reason why they are so rigorous at all stages of the production and commercialisation processes.

The entire Claramunt family, together with us, the olive trees, would like to dedicate this dream to our father, Salvador Claramunt, who for only a few months could not see this project come true. ‘We must never forget where we come from, where our roots lie and who established them. We will always be eternally grateful to you’.



Excellence has an olive oil name

We present our collection of oils, made with the highest quality to offer a signature oil to the most select palates. It is an exclusive oil, whose annual result will always depend on the environmental conditions provided by each harvest and on the technical knowledge of the Claramunt team, which will ensure that each year the extra virgin oil is of the highest quality and unrepeatable.

Claramunt Extra Virgin is an extra virgin olive oil, the result of many years of experience and passion for the world of olive groves, a long family tradition combined with the technical and innovative knowledge that incorporates the latest trends and advances in the olive sector. All this, determined that the family Claramunt decided to bet on an exclusive and quality product; result of a deep knowledge in the matter and of the love for the EVOO and our land, Baeza, where our dream was born, where our trees are raised, where our fruit develops, where it prepares to be transformed into Extra Virgin, where history compels us to respect our environment, to pamper and care for our feelings; water, cold, stone, mist make Baeza and its region an ideal place to create our oil.

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