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The Riccardo Di Leo farm was founded in 1993 in Andria , more specifically in the countryside between Andria-Trani-Corato with very specific ideas: to promote, protect and enhance the territory and the products of our Puglia Region, safeguarding and favoring, through direct work, one of the highest biodiversity in the world.
We know how important it is to respect nature and our home and that is why we are committed to managing and controlling the entire supply chain, from planting to the final product.
This commitment allows us to preserve and emphasize the quality of our products which are carefully selected and subjected to periodic checks and controls before arriving on the shelves and on our tables.
Our products come from plants and organic agriculture based on the use of natural treatments without the addition of chemical synthesis substances such as herbicides.
Molito in a two-phase oil mill with temperature control within 6 hours of harvesting, without adding water.

Our history

Dedicated to the earth, dedicated to the human being, dedicated to women.
This story tells of two trees: a centuries-old olive tree and a woman named Lina . They look at each other, while the sun plays to filter through the leaves. They are the emblem of each other: both have roots, both are linked to the earth, both have borne fruit.
Lina is a Southern woman . She walks barefoot on a fertile land of luxuriant olive groves, perfectly aligned. Under her feet di lei he feels the vibrations of life and understands the benevolent language of the countryside.
He has strong shoulders, like branches towards the sky, on which he supports his family and his beloved children. She taught them respect for the land which, while changing with the seasons, remains sovereign, imperturbable.
He moves in the silence of the countryside, whispering a dirge of thanks for the gift of this fruitful territory. With her open smile di lei, Lina blesses this mother-earth, generative, generous, loving. Like her di lei, like her di lei human ambitions di lei.
They do not fear the heat, they face the cold. They protect. They are like majestic trees under which life flows quietly, because they represent refreshment.
It is from Nature that Lina has learned hospitality and dedication. In an all-female dialogue, she understood that "giving oneself to the earth means only reaping the best fruits". Humility, courage, work and strong shoulders turned to hot winds and frosts: this is the women of the South. This is Lina .
Today, like a spring that makes buds blossom, it lives among the olive groves, walking slowly and enjoying the extraordinary beauty of peasant art. In the name of the father and of tradition. So that the past continues to pass on the greatest of commandments: love the earth and you will love all creatures .

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