We searched, we travelled, we met, we talked, we created.. Nature’s Icons.
To provide the best products of Greece.. 

True Icons of Greek nature.
“Doleon premium” and “Doleon P.D.O.” are  produced and bottled by the Makris family. The name DOLEON was created by combining together the words “Doloi” – the name of the village where we grow our olives – and “Eleon”, the ancient Greek word for oil.
For more than 250 years, we have been producing our olive oil keeping to the same traditional process and natural methods.

Olive Oils

Our extra virgin olive oil Doleon, that comes from our family’s olive trees and the rest of our upcoming products have something in common. Their great taste. The secret behind that, lies to the people. Because behind each product are people we met, people we talked with, people they love what they do. And that love reflects to the unique taste of each product!

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Some of the finest olive oils remain a well-kept secret between the producer’s families and friends. Our vision is to share this secret with you; to deliver extra virgin olive oil of unsurpassed quality to every client, much like we would to a member of our family.