Fabrication, sale of olive oils and spreads in Haute-Corse

We are Roger-Philippe Maurizi and Frédérique Vutano, owners and managers of Domaine Petraghje in Linguizzetta.

We have been cultivating for ten years a variety of olives from the region, the Germana di Casinca. (The olive tree was a tree that I liked. It is the tree of life), explains Roger-Philippe. Over time, our manager Roger-Philippe has learned to prune, treat his trees and harvest the fruit to produce a quality PDO olive oil, with green reflections and delicate aromas. (It can be surprising the first time you taste it) Frédérique emphasizes.

 Our manager's wife Frédérique Vutano is in charge of the administrative part: she manages the orders and deliveries to restaurants, delicatessens and Corsican supermarkets. (It's a part of the job that I really like. It has allowed me to meet very interesting people, people who are passionate about good products) says Frédérique.

Winners of the international olive oil competition in Athens

Experienced olive growers, we have been awarded for the quality of our olive oil. The judges of the Athena International Olive Oil Competition awarded us the double gold medal. This is the highest distinction of this internationally recognized competition. It is also a guarantee of quality for our customers who rely more and more on this kind of awards to make their purchases.

An artisanal know-how

We are recognized as quality artisan producers by the Collège Culinaire de France.

We are committed to producing natural olive oils and manufactured in the respect of tradition. Rich in omega-9, our oil is recognized for its curative and preventive virtues against diseases. To have more details on our methods of cultivation of olives and artisanal manufacture, consult the article of the Corsican newspaper morning.