Our aim is… 

To offer original E-LA-WON olive oil, as pure as 3500 years ago.
To cultivate our olive trees in an environmental friendly way.
To respect Mother Nature’s laws.
To protect the ecosystem from pollution, chemistry factors and unwanted ingredients/
To enrich our land in the same way as our ancestors did.
To communicate the benefits of Mediterranean diet to all.
To sustain natural resources and deliver the environment safe to our children

Greece is our motherland 
My memories come from the blue color of the Aegean sea and sky. This is my paradise on the edge of Mediterranean and it is painted with the silver color of the olive tree, a symbol of peace and civilization, as old as human history. A gift from the gods to the people since the times of Athena and Poseidon, rooted in our past for thousands of years.

In this blessed Peloponnesian land, near ancient Mycenae, we produce the extra virgin olive oil E-La-Won, from koroneiki variety, in our private olive groves. Our traditional recipe is combined with today’s technology in order to create an extra virgin olive oil “opos palia” (as in the good old times).

Ioannis Kampouris

E-LA-WON Luxury (Limited edition) 

Homer’s “liquid gold” with flakes of edible gold.

Combines premium quality olive oil with edible gold flakes both with high antioxidant and anti-aging value.
Rich in oleocanthal, which protects the cardiovascular system. Extra virgin olive oil with edible gold flakes aims at fulfilling the desire of our customers to offer luxury innovative products.
Available as a 250ml single bottle and in luxury gift packaging

E-LA-WON Premium of Koroneiki variety

Luxury Gift Package – Single Glass Bottle
An extra virgin olive oil in exquisite packaging.

Nitrogen is induced in the head space of the bottles, so that the freshness of the olive juice is preserved along with the organoleptic and chemical characteristics.
Produced by a family olive farm in Peloponnese from famous olive variety “Koroneiki”. It has very low acidity and intense fruitiness combined with a strong peppery after taste.
Available as a 500ml single bottle and in luxury gift packaging.

E-LA-WON Premium subspice Botsikolia

«Botsikolia» is concidered a valuable subspecies of olive trees that is growing in Ilia region, Greece and has unique properties. It is a neglected, forgotten tree. But the most important fact is that it is the mother plant of the spanish olive tree Arbequina. According to Spanish documents, the tree was imported from Greece to Spain, when Spanish sailors, among them Duke Medinaceli, ferried and planted it, at the county Leida of Catalonia.

E-LA-WON Green Fresh 

Luxury Gift Package – Single Glass Bottle

Inspired by our history: a copy of the “inscription” of Linear B’ and the representation of the “Lion Gate”. Green Fresh early harvested olive oil contains high percentages of antioxidants and polyphenols.
ELAWON Green Fresh olive oil is produced by early harvested Koroneiki variety olives, while the olives are still green and unripe. It is characterized by its fresh green flavor and strong peppery aftertaste.
Available as a 250ml single bottle and in luxury gift packaging.

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E-LA-WON 3.500 years traditions from the Greek land!
A gift from nature, a gift for nature
Cultivation, Harvesting, Oiling, Standardization
Everything as before, in a simple unpretentious way, without additions and impurities, all pure and at the same time all according to the modern requirements that aim at the preservation of the environment and sustainability.