Ferretti Agricola

From past to present, the Ferretti family.

A family of farmers for four generations: the Ferrettis have always produced an excellent oil for their family. Today they want to let everyone taste it. " The harvest, the most beautiful day of the year, when the whole family gathers to ensure that at the table there is always that delicate and so precious condiment " A childhood memory, a tradition that Pasquale Ferretti has carried on with his family over the years, then realizing his childhood dream: to create a farm and take care of his land, of his olive trees. Now that the dream has become reality, every day he transmits this passion to his children, who, just like him, feel a strong bond with the family and with their roots.

With each new generation, a new method of harvesting.  

It was the early years of the twentieth century when Pasquale Ferretti (the great-grandfather) harvested olives with the beating method : they hit the branches of the olive trees with sticks to make the fruits fall into the nets at the foot of the trees. Serafino Ferretti (the grandfather) instead collected the olives by hand, directly from the branches: the so-called “brucatura” . It was then the turn of Pasquale Ferretti (the father), who introduced combing : the olives were harvested using tools similar to combs, which, passing through the branches, facilitated their fall into the underlying nets. Today Davide and Marco Ferretti have instead switched to a mechanized method : the use of 'straddle machines' allows in fact to speed up the process and arrive at the mill with even fresher olives from the harvest.  

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

Wherever you look, you will see a marvel: the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, or vice versa. This is the beauty of our territory: we are talking about the wonderful hills of the Marche. This is where our olive trees are located, where the winds coming from the mountains and those coming from the sea meet. The favorable climate, the warm sun and the fresh sea breeze give our olives a wonderful mix of flavors. Our oil benefits from this biodiversity: it is the son of both the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic Sea and expresses all its organoleptic qualities with the best results.

The magnificent Valdaso, "the garden of the Marches".

The Aso valley takes its name from the river of the same name, which originates in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains and runs through the valley until it reaches the municipality of Pedaso, where it flows into the Adriatic Sea. An inestimable heritage: a wonderful area of ​​infinite woods, orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens, arable land and medieval villages. The climate is pleasant in every season of the year and the views are more than suggestive: the colors alternate between shades of green and blue in the sea, yellow and brown in autumn, white in winter, pink and purple when it is spring and the valley is in bloom.


“Santa always tells us that when we were little we didn't get along very well: the only moment of peace was when one asked the other to play checkers. Furthermore, DAMA is also the union of our names ” . Davide and Marco Ferretti

A fabulous oil is born from a Favolosa cultivar .

The variety of olive tree that rests on our land is the FS17, also known as “Favolosa”: it stands out for its high aptitude for producing quality oil, rich in volatile substances, with an immediate confirmation of the richness of polyphenols. This variety originates from the free pollination of the Frantoio cultivar, one of the most widespread in central Italy. Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for high density olive growing and easily adapts to all types of climates and soils, but only in our Marche region does it reach inimitable organoleptic characteristics.

The perfect balance between bitter and spicy.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold pressing. The olives are 100% Italian, coming exclusively from our plant located on the beautiful hills of the Marche region, between the sea and the mountains.

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