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The Mill of the Cannone family has been active since 1920 thanks to the intuition of the great-grandfather Giovanni who decided to undertake this activity in the heart of the historic center of Andria. He thus began to transform the olives grown in his fields into quality extra virgin olive oil.Thanks to his energetic character, the Cannone family began to embrace the profession of the olive grower, quickly becoming a point of reference for the whole territory. In the early twentieth century the oil mill was not equipped with advanced machinery. The historic millstones, operated by the strength of the mules, were used to transform the olives into a paste which was subsequently pressed with a hand-filled rubber diaphragm, while the oil was separated by decanting. Today, after four generations, theCrusherit is among the most avant-garde in Puglia and we continue to cherish the memory of these ancient techniques by treasuring the advice of our ancestors.


Beauty is what surrounds us: we are in Andria, in Puglia, on the slopes of the renowned and mysterious octagonal castle, where the olive-growing tradition has been handed down from father to son for entire generations, distinguishing the entire territory renowned nationally precisely the vast extension dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil. A centuries-old passion that, which has come down to us, has evolved with the contribution of new technologies, thus combining tradition and innovation.

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The extra virgin olive oil of Puglia
 We are in Andria, in the heart of Puglia. A territory that has been cultivating and milling olives for centuries due to its history and vocation. And it is here that since 1920, Frantoio Cannone has dedicated itself with passion for four generations to the cultivation of centuries-old olive groves. From these carefully selected fruits comes a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.


 How a quality extra virgin olive oil is born
 A quality extra virgin olive oil begins its journey right from the plant. The daily care of the fruits finds its most important phase in the Harvest. This is the most important moment in the life of the mill, it is here that the work of a whole year materializes. It all begins with the contact with the majestic olive trees loaded with olives which, patiently, are just waiting to be harvested as the family tradition teaches us. In this crucial moment, nothing is left to chance and everything is done in a workmanlike manner, as handed down from father to son. The minutiae and attention to the smallest details of this important moment allow us to bring to the table an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, fruit and excellence of our territory. All this is possible also thanks to the use of modern harvesting and processing techniques which, combined with the wisdom of tradition, allow us to preserve the quality of the product.

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The Cannone family is dedicated to the cultivation of the Coratina and Perazana varieties, typical cultivars of this region. The era of the Cannone oil mill is produced according to the family tradition but also thanks to the technological support made to the oil mill in recent years that make it innovative and avant-garde to respond to modern market demands. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just a simple condiment, but the prince of the Mediterranean diet. Obtained from the pressing of olives, it is characterized by its goodness, derived from the meticulous selection of the best fruits, and by its beneficial characteristics.

What makes extra virgin olive oil indispensable for our table are its beneficial characteristics , scientifically recognized. In fact, the evoo boasts important anti-inflammatory properties, but what makes it unique is the presence of polyphenols , the natural antioxidants, extremely important for our health because they protect us from the formation and development of different types of cancer and seem to be able to counteract the side effects of aging, such as memory loss and impaired cognitive functions.

Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil, depending on the variety used, is extremely versatile in the kitchen. Depending on the type of extra virgin, in fact, it is possible to enhance sea or land dishes, enrich our usual recipes with something special, allowing you to unleash your imagination on the table. Thus was born a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation, for the creation of  unique dishes, which are just waiting to be tried. The Frantoio Cannone, as per tradition, cultivates Coratina and Peranzana Cultivar olives , extremely identifying of the territory and rich in taste.


Coratina extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio Cannone is cold pressed with Coratina cultivar olives. With a fruity taste and intense flavor, it stands out for its typically bitter and spicy aftertaste. Its strong character makes it perfect to accompany dishes based on legumes, red meat or bruschetta.


The 100% Italian is the cold extracted extra virgin olive oil and comes from the union of Coratina and Peranzana cultivar olives: a balance made of taste that manages to balance the strong and free-range scents of Coratina with those decidedly softer on the palate of peranzana. Overall, the extra virgin olive oil is slightly spicy and delicate at the same time, maintaining a balanced fruity flavor.

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